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Finding out you are expecting twins

When heading off for a first scan, most parents-to-be are anxious to know there is a healthy baby growing in there. But if during your appointment you end up finding out you are expecting twins you may be taken aback a bit and leave the hospital with more questions that you arrived with. What causes

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What triggers you to lose your rag

Are you able to list all the things that irritate you? Things like people talking loudly on their mobiles on public transport, or being stuck behind someone on a go slow on a national speed limit road? Or do certain accents or tones of voice push your buttons or the way the news gets reported

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Guide to first date conversation

First dates have the potential to be pretty awkward; especially if it’s the first time you’ve spent any real time together. After all, it’s not always easy to engage a stranger in conversation and there’s only so much time you can spend on small talk without coming across as being incredibly boring. But if you’re

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what is parental responsibility

Being a happy and successful single parent

Being a single parent is a guaranteed challenge and whether you’ve just happened to find yourself solo parenting or if it was a conscious decision, sometimes the challenge is made harder by perceptions of the outside world. Comments like, “It must be so hard” or “Oh I’m sad for you that’s awful”, just don’t help.

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deleting facebook

Why are people deleting Facebook

Many of us have considered deleting our Facebook account at one time or another, but why are people deleting  Facebook for good? Lack of Privacy Facebook users may assume that a personal profile can be kept as private as you like, but the moment you put any information onto the site it may be accessible

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dealing with loneliness

Dealing with loneliness

Feeling lonely It is human and natural to want to feel connected to others and part of something bigger. We are social beings and relating to others, being heard and accepted and cared about are a big part of our innate nature. When these needs are not met we can be left with a strong

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