Special needs

good nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep

Sleep deprivation is known to be one of the hardest things to bear. It is used as torture as a way of extracting information out of ‘enemy’ nations during wars because of the way it can wear someone down psychologically. This said, it is really clear that getting a good nights sleep for all the

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children with epilepsy

Children with epilepsy

What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is related to the electrical activity in our brains. This activity is happening all the time but if there is a sudden burst of electricity – often referred to epileptic activity – this can mix up the messages, resulting in an epileptic seizure. There are different kinds of seizures and these

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born with a disability

Born with a disability

All prospective parents hold an idealised vision of their baby in their minds.  To be told that your child has been born with a disability shatters that image in an instant and can be incredibly difficult to come to terms with and accept.  Emotions such as shock, disbelief, anxiety and despair may wash over parents

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development of premature babies

Development of premature babies

Having a premature baby is a scary and stressful time. Whether your baby arrived unexpectedly or whether you had knew it was a possibility, nothing can really prepare you for the sight of your tiny baby in an incubator. A neonatal unit will be unfamiliar and you are likely to have plenty of questions about

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recognising learning disabilities

Recognising learning disabilities

When one of your children is diagnosed with anything whether it is physical, mental or emotional it is very natural to feel a bit shocked and concerned. If the diagnosis is something that you have been expecting you may feel relieved to have it officially confirmed but whatever your reaction an official label of learning

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toddler development

Toddlers development

This is a particularly exciting time in your toddlers development and when you know what to expect, you can introduce games, exercises and of course, safeguarding tactics to ensure your toddler gets the most out of this period of their life. At this stage you will notice that your child is more inquisitive and larger,

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