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looking good pregnant

Looking good during pregnancy

Being pregnant is life and body changing experience.  It is a positive time, a chance to celebrate everything that is amazing about your body.  Yet not all women find themselves blooming, and the expanding waistline, blotchy skin, and lack lustre hair days can leave many feeling down.  Growing a baby is hard work, so if

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exercise in pregnancy

Second trimester

What to expect Weeks 15-28 of your pregnancy are an exciting time this is whats classed as the second trimester.  It is now that many of the earlier pregnancy symptoms you may have been experiencing seem to lessen or disappear altogether, allowing you to relax and enjoy being pregnant more.  Perhaps the most exciting aspect

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twins and triplets

Twins and triplets

When you find out you are expecting twins or triplets, once you have got over the initial shock you may assume that it is just twice the fun or double the trouble. But having a multiple birth can bring up a whole new array of questions, issues and practicalities that need to be addressed before

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obesity and pregnancy

Obesity and pregnancy

Getting pregnant and obesity It was my favourite-ever excuse to pig out. ‘I’m pregnant, so I’m eating for two,’ I would say, as I loaded my plate with improbable portions of crisps, pies and chips. I thought nothing of eating two or three jam donuts in one sitting. Guilt free snacking, at last! Or so

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folic acid

Folic acid

The benefits of taking folic acid during pregnancy. In recent years the incidents of NTD’s (Neural Tube Defects) have dropped thanks to better public awareness of the condition, this has been helped due to screenings and recommendations on taking folic acid during pregnancy. The defects include Spina Bifida and Anencephaly, this is where the brain

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