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Shared parenting

Benefits of Shared Parenting If you have children with someone who you are no longer in a relationship with then chances are you are sharing the parenting responsibilities with that person, even if they only reside permanently with one of you. The benefits of shared parenting can be vast, although not ideal, and you can

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How do you obtain a Harassment order

Are you being harassed and you’ve no idea where to turn? Harassment can have a really negative impact on the victim. It’s something that has to be handled very carefully. Stalking and harassment are pretty tough cases to deal with and they can be especially hard to prosecute. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t

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staying together for the kids

Staying together for the kids

It’s staggering to think that 1 in 10 couple stay together during hardships and bad times just for the kids, and plan to end the relationship when the children are old enough, problem is, when are the children ever old enough? Staying together for the kids can cause more damage long term , and when

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how co-parenting works

How co-parenting works

How Do You Make It Work? A divorce is a painstaking and difficult process to go through, and can make life with children hard to arrange, and when you come through the other end of it then being forced to see that person who you associate with so much pain can be tough. When it’s

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Mum arguing with daughter

How do you Discipline Step Children?

The whole area of the discipline of children is difficult enough, with everyone having their own views about what discipline means, and how it should be carried out. It’s a contentious area, so much so that many couples find it hard to reach agreement about it and find it a frequent cause of arguments. But

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