what is parental responsibility

Being a happy and successful single parent

Being a single parent is a guaranteed challenge and whether you’ve just happened to find yourself solo parenting or if it was a conscious decision, sometimes the challenge is made harder by perceptions of the outside world. Comments like, “It must be so hard” or “Oh I’m sad for you that’s awful”, just don’t help.

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child support agency

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a deliberate attempt by one parent to distance his or her child/children from the other parent. The alienation process may take place over considerable time with the motivation to destroy the bond between the child and parent. It may sound fantastical that anyone should do this but very sadly cases

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How do you cope as a single parent when you are ill

When you’re feeling rough all you want to do is curl up and forget about the world, but single parents don’t enjoy that luxury. With sole responsibility for one or more children, the lone parent has no choice but to carry on caring for them, regardless of how they are feeling themselves. Thankfully there are

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child maintenance

How to parent during a mental health crisis

The pressures of modern life are huge for families and parents and for most parents, life is a continual balancing act between meeting the demands of a busy life and ensuring the wellbeing of themselves and their children. This in itself is enough, but when life throws extra challenges at you in the form of

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sex at 13

My teenager is having sex

Eeek!!!!! When the kids are small any thoughts of boyfriends/girlfriends and the physical complications they bring couldn’t be further from your parental mind.  Then adolescence and puberty set in, and your little ones start to change – on the inside, and the outside too.  Whilst they may still seem to be children, they are rapidly

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Single dad with child

Single Parent Family Parenting

It is often said that there is no harder job in the world than being a parent, but add the prefix of single to that and the job suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. Once upon a time, being a single parent family had an unshakable stigma attached to the title, with images of maladjusted,

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