life as a single parent

Finding a single parent support group

Finding a Single Parent Support Group Life as a single parent can be tough, but you are by no means alone.  Support groups are dotted all over the country and can be a fantastic source of advice, friendship and information.  Groups will quite often have a specific purpose, so do bear this in mind when

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Single mother and little boy

Single parent adoption: Yes it is possible

Adoption offers the opportunity for children to find new families that can provide the love and stability their birth families are unable or unwilling to give them. Those new families can take many forms and who they are is not as important as their ability to provide a loving home for the child. Can I

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single dads dating

Single dads dating

Dating or daunting? So you’re back out on the dating scene, you’ve ironed your best shirt and drenched yourself in Brut, time for the lucky ladies of the world to fall mercilessly at your feet, mesmerised by your dad dancing and enthralled by your witty repartee. Joking aside though, going out dating is stressful enough

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boost your communication skills

Boost your communication skills

Are you a good communicator? We might all think we’re good at communicating, but it’s about much more than just what we say.Could you boost your communication skills and become a better friend,family member etc. Being an effective communicator involves being a good listener, dealing with stressful issues and using body language. Taking steps to

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Family babysitters: Are you taking advantage?

Long distance grandparents: How to involve them

Do your children have long distance grandparents? Every parent knows the value of extended family, and especially the older generation, in helping us raise our children – not just for advice, treats or regular childcare, but for the valued and valuable bonds they have with our kids. But if you’re not lucky enough to live

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parental separation

Helping your children through divorce or separation

When you have children you never expect that you will be bringing them into a world that one day will be blown apart around them when two parents choose- or are forced by circumstances – to consider separation or divorce. Yet the statistics show it is more common than ever and a simple survey of

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