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  • bulimia

    Signs of bulimia

    What is bulimia? Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder.  It is characterised by regular binge eating, followed by desperate efforts to limit weight gain.  For the bulimic person eating becomes like a compulsion.  The desire to stop is often there, but the resilience and inner resolve of the sufferer is so low that they inevitably

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    anorexia in boys

    Boys with Anorexia

    Boys with Anorexia are less likely to ask for help, with between 10-15% of sufferers being male it is important parents and carers know the symptoms. Anorexia Nervosa means ‘loss of appetite for nervous reasons’ and is one of the best known of a whole range of eating disorders that affect a variety of people

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    Am i embarrassing

    Am I embarrassing?

    As parent’s we may have often asked ourselves ‘am I embarrassing?’ especially when kids reach their teenage years. When our children were young, they would come running out from school with a big hug and kiss for us, were happy to walk round a shopping centre and sit and have ice-cream. Then what seems like

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