Telling fibs

Teaching kids about strangers

We all want to protect our little cherubs from the big bad world and hold onto that beautiful innocence for as long as possible. However, while abductions by strangers are very rare, strangers can pose a real threat and in protecting children it’s important that they understand and are aware of any dangers that might

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Passing on life skills to help children grow

Top 5 Life Tips To Teach Your Kids As parents we are constantly teaching our children. Hold your spoon like this, say please and thank you, put this shoe on this foot. Every day we are passing on life skills to help children grow and develop. Money Matters Teaching children to look after their finances

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OCD in kids

All children have worries and doubts, but those who can’t stop worrying – even if they want to – may have an anxiety disorder such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). What is OCD in children? With OCD, worries often compel sufferers to repeatedly behave in particular ways; children with OCD usually become preoccupied with whether

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Tips that can help stop siblings fighting

“That’s mine, no it’s mine, give it back, no,” screeeeamm!!!! This is a common conversation in our house at the moment between our four year old and her two year old sister. When they are together I spend the majority of my day keeping an eye on their play, and splitting them up when things

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parent survival

Parents survival guide for tough times

Parenting can be extremely hard work and it’s easy to end up feeling out of your depth and overwhelmed. At times like these it is so easy to tell yourself that you are inadequate and spend time caught up in self-blame. If this rings true for you and you are going through a phase of

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making mistakes

Why making mistakes is a good thing

Making mistakes certainly has its negative connotations, but it also commonly known that making mistakes is how we learn. As the renowned author, Bram Stoker wrote “We learn from failure, not from success.” that’s why making mistakes is a good thing. From an early age we deduce the correct way to do things by making

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