Telling fibs

shouting at children is not the answer

Shouting at the children is not the answer

Having a good shout at your kids can sometimes feel like the only way to get them to listen. It’s not pretty, and it probably makes you feel bad inside, but it works. The occasional vent is harmless and can be very effective, but when shouting becomes the norm your kids quickly develop and immunity

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Defiant toddlers

5 things NOT to do when your toddler is defiant

If you have a militant little person in your midst then you are probably no stranger to the impressive degree of defiance that a toddler is able to demonstrate. It can develop gradually, or seemingly overnight, as if they attended Rebellion School while you were asleep. Bookstores are lined with helpful tomes stuffed with advice

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concentrate at school

What to do if your child has behavioural problems at school

Most kids get into at least the odd bit of bother during their school life and usually a stern word from a teacher is enough to get them back on the right track. However, serious and/or persistent bad behaviour is something that needs to be dealt with by parents or carers as well as school

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Guiding your child without punishment

A friend said to me recently that ‘scared children do scary things’. This reflection struck me as so wise, compassionately helpful, and key to a major challenge of parenting. How do we effectively steer our children at times when their words or behaviours threaten to trigger us into potentially damaging reactions? Viewing your child’s behaviour

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Middle child syndrome

It is considered that the ranking of birth order among siblings determines our behaviours and personalities. It has long been thought that middle children suffer the worst of the birth order placing, with studies showing that middle children have a more difficult time in growing up than their siblings. The “middle” birth place is considered

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Toddler back talk

As parents we look forward to our children’s first words, encouraging them to communicate their needs, feelings and observations through speech. However, for some toddlers the ability to tell us exactly what they want can lead to them expressing themselves through backchat, rudeness and tantrums. Obviously no parent wants their child to talk back at

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