Third trimester

new dads

New dads guide to pregnancy

So, you’re gonna be a Dad, congratulations! There’s going to be a range of emotions bubbling over inside you, from fear to excitement, hopefully you’ve told the family and all your friends and now it’s time for the long wait. In that time there will be a lot of changes, aside from the obvious, and

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third trimester

The third trimester

The Third Trimester- The final 14 weeks of your pregnancy take you to full term and hopefully a happy, healthy bouncing baby at the end.  After the relative ease of the second trimester, these final weeks can come as a bit of a shock, as once again your body undergoes rapid and significant changes in

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twins and triplets

Twins and triplets

When you find out you are expecting twins or triplets, once you have got over the initial shock you may assume that it is just twice the fun or double the trouble. But having a multiple birth can bring up a whole new array of questions, issues and practicalities that need to be addressed before

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ultra sound scan

Pregnancy ultrasound scan

What happens at a pregnancy Ultrasound? A scan or antenatal ultrasound is a test that uses high-frequency sound waves, they are invisible to the human ear and are sent through a transducer to the abdomen. The pregnancy Ultrasound scan is used to look inside the abdomen and the sound waves are transformed into footage or

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attachment parenting

New dads

So, you survived pregnancy! Well done, I bet you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself and at the same time the worry of what is about to come may be scaring you, well don’t worry its the same for all new dads, the miracle of birth is fast approaching and as those days count down you

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play and learn with your child

Naming your baby

The name your give to your baby will be with him for the rest of his life, and will have an effect on how others view him before they even meet him.  Names carry psychological connotations that reach far beyond our apparent simple preferences.  Any good or bad experiences that people have in life can

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