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How dads bond with their baby

How Dads bond with their baby

Bonding with your baby is not necessarily an automatic thing for either men or women. New Dads have not carried their child about for nine months, so the moment of birth holds a special significance for them – it is the first real physical experience they have of their child. Bombarded with questions about what

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child anxiety

How much of the news do you let your children see

Natural disasters such as Fukushima in Japan are disturbing to all of us and it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and helpless as we witness people lose their lives and their homes. It’s almost impossible to protect children from being exposed to some of the inevitable and extensive media coverage, and as a result many

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Tips for your childs first haircut

Taking your child for their first hair cut can be a stressful and exciting experience for both you and them. Depending on the age of the child, it can become a huge deal and some will be scared by the prospect. Here are some top tips for your childs first haircut. All children are different

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The pros and cons of having a large family

Happy families come in all shapes and sizes. Although the trend in recent years is to have just one or two children, there are many couples that decide their family isn’t complete without four, five or even more kids. Just look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Jamie Oliver, Madonna or the Beckhams,

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Guiding your child without punishment

A friend said to me recently that ‘scared children do scary things’. This reflection struck me as so wise, compassionately helpful, and key to a major challenge of parenting. How do we effectively steer our children at times when their words or behaviours threaten to trigger us into potentially damaging reactions? Viewing your child’s behaviour

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Sibling with a disability

Keeping harmony between children can be hard at the best of times. It can be difficult to make sure each child feels valued and to give them the attention they need and in a way which doesn’t create jealousies or rivalries. Siblings disagree and argue, they also bond and play together, but how do you

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