Potty training tips

Plan ahead Before the time comes, think about where you’ll put the potty. It helps to keep it in one place, so your little one can run straight to it as they begin to recognise the signals. You might want a potty for every storey of your home, to save your stair carpets. And consider

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Should you tell your kids the truth about Santa

We try to teach our children right from wrong as early as we can and that of course includes telling the truth. It’s important not to lie, we tell them, and the truth is the best way forward! And then what do we do to them? As soon as they are able to understand anything,

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Pre-school and nursery bullying

When you send your children off to school, you do it with the hope that they will be safe and happy; the last thing you want is for them to be bullied. And while you may think that this something that only happens in the high school playground, pre-school and nursery bullying does happen! It

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Does my child need glasses

Are you concerned about your child’s eyesight and thinking ‘does my child need glasses’?Before a child is old enough to be able to explain any problems or difficulties they may be having it’s up to you to look out for signs that something is wrong. If your child is struggling with certain tasks, is frustrated

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potty training

What you need to know about Potty Training

I have a 19 month year old son who is at that stage where his nappies last a couple of hours before he looks like a sumo wrestler and they start to leak. People keep telling me I need to potty train, I know this is true but I must admit I’ve been putting it

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toddler watching tv

How much television should my toddler be watching

Children’s television has come a long way since most of us were kids.  In our day we only had an hour in the morning and a couple of hours after school to watch our own programmes.  Nowadays there are loads of channels aimed specifically at young children with shows running all day and night.  Obviously

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