separation anxiety

Responding to separation anxiety in children

What is separation anxiety? It is very natural for all children to feel some anxiety about being separated from their primary carers. As their parent or carer you may notice them feeling sad when you say goodbye and wanting to cling on to you as if they feared that you are not going to return.

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Connecting with your child through play

You’ve picked the kids up from nursery or school, made dinner, run a bath, had a quick tidy up and before long it’s time for bed, so it’s not surprising that at the end of a long day many of us are struggling to find enough one-on-one time to spend with our children. Working guilt

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when will my baby walk

When will my baby walk?

A baby’s first steps is one of her most anticipated and well-remembered developmental milestone.  It marks the end of babyhood and the start of the toddler years, giving your child more independence than she has experienced before and allowing her to play with older children on a more even keel. They learn earlier than you

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recognising learning disabilities

Recognising learning disabilities

When one of your children is diagnosed with anything whether it is physical, mental or emotional it is very natural to feel a bit shocked and concerned. If the diagnosis is something that you have been expecting you may feel relieved to have it officially confirmed but whatever your reaction an official label of learning

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toddler development

Toddlers development

This is a particularly exciting time in your toddlers development and when you know what to expect, you can introduce games, exercises and of course, safeguarding tactics to ensure your toddler gets the most out of this period of their life. At this stage you will notice that your child is more inquisitive and larger,

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should i give my child a dummy

Should I give my baby a dummy?

Along with all the other myriad of topics parents frequently have to worry about is the should i give my baby a dummy quandary, or pacifiers if you prefer, remains a debate which divides parents and experts alike. The moment you become a parent it you seem to enter into a world where morals, ethics

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