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The worst time of day to do certain things

The worst time of the day to do certain things

We are told we are most productive and alert in the mornings, that we could possibly benefit from the odd afternoon nap (fat chance!), and maybe avoid buying a product which was made on a Friday afternoon! Are there really times when we are better doing certain things or is it a more a case

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when will i know when i hit the menopause

How will I know when I hit the menopause

Whether you are dreading it, can’t wait for it, or are in the midst of it, the one thing of which you can be certain is that the menopause is a different experience for each woman. It can be a difficult time as in most instances you can’t be certain of a definite beginning, nor

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What is ME

If you’re a working parent there’s high chance you’re always tired…so how do you know if it’s just the regular toll of daily life, or something more serious like chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis ), is long-term tiredness that has actually become debilitating. You will most likely have other

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Conquering your fear of public speaking

Whether you’re due to give an important presentation at work or are expressing ideas in front of the PTA at your children’s school, public speaking is something most of us have to get our heads around at some stage. However, that’s not to say it’s something we all relish. Of course, there are those who

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Tips for taking life a bit less serious

Life seems to be so demanding for so many of us and from one view it doesn’t seem to show any sign of letting up. With job insecurites, financial pressures and extreme weather conditions there always seems be something distressing and worrying to focus on. In a way, this is exactly the point to become

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Coping with a traumatic event

We all encounter stressful events on a regular basis, many of which we take in our stride and cope with without too much difficulty. However, sometimes an event causes a significant amount of stress, particularly when it happens repeatedly or poses a threat to an individual’s life, health or wellbeing. Traumatic events can affect anyone

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