Yoga and Pilates

Stopping destructive habits of criticism and blame

It seems to be a human tendency to be critical and judgemental especially during times of stress and difficulty. It has been recognised that this behaviour is much more wide spread in the Western world and this is attributed to there being a constant and long standing message of not being good enough from religions

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Helpful relaxation techniques

There’s no denying that today’s world is a busy and stressful one. Thanks to rising living costs, high childcare fees and stagnating income levels, we are all working harder than ever. The wonderful advent of modern technology means we are always plugged in, and that’s before you even consider raising the children, cleaning the house,

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Pregnancy Yoga

The mind and body-boosting benefits of yoga are well documented, and this ancient form of exercise originating from India can be the perfect way to stay fit during pregnancy. If you are unfamiliar with yoga, some of the terminology and techniques can seem a little daunting, so here is a simple guide to the practice,

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How to beat fatigue

If you suffer from fatigue there are a few small changes you can make to feel better. In many cases, fatigue is caused by lifestyle factors such as stress or poor nutrition so addressing these will make a massive difference to how you feel. Avoid napping Taking a nap during the day might sound like

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Panic attacks

What are panic attacks? Panic attacks are the name given to the sudden experience of intense physical and psychological symptoms that can lead to a perceived threat which is either real or imagined. Symptoms can include heart palpiations where your heart feels like it is beating irregularly, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, a choking sensation,

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social media makes us feel lonely

Winter depression

What is Winter Depression or SAD? Winter depression is an illness suffered by many and it’s seriousness is often quite understated. It sounds like it might be as simple as being a bit upset that the mince pies and Christmas puddings are over with and now the dreaded tackling of the muffin top must start. SAD

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