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    Looking good during pregnancy

    Being pregnant is life and body changing experience.  It is a positive time, a chance to celebrate everything that is amazing about your body.  Yet not all women find themselves blooming, and the expanding waistline, blotchy skin, and lack lustre hair days can leave many feeling down.  Growing a baby is hard work, so if

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    Miscarriage is a very sensitive issue which tends to be brushed aside in our society due to the fact that there is simply no ‘cure’ for it.  It is thought that about 12% of pregnancies miscarry in the first 23 weeks, with about three quarters of those happening in the first trimester. There is now

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    third trimester

    Massage during pregnancy

    Lots of people may think that massage during pregnancy is best avoided but in actual fact many practitioners believe it to be one of the best times for a woman to have a treatment.Pregnancy massage is a general term for any hands on massage during or after pregnancy (pre or post natal) and can be

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    therapy for pnd

    Complementary therapy for postnatal depression

    Postnatal depression (PND) affects up to 15% of new mothers and can come on any time within the baby’s first year.  The causes of PND are not yet full understood and it is widely believed that there is no one thing that brings it on, rather a number of factors combining to result in the

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    Back to school stress: How to avoid it

    Phobias: Don’t pass them on to your kids

    There was a horrific noise coming from my bedroom. An angry manic chattering combined with the occasional thud. I paused on the stairs, hairs on the back of my neck rising. Was it a burglar trying to steal my My Little Pony collection? A vindictive ghost, seeking revenge after I’d played with my yoyo in

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