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Firefighters set alight Halloween costumes in stark warning to parents


A group of firefighters have filmed themselves setting children’s Halloween costumes alight to highlight just how quickly the outfits can go up in flames.

Hard-hitting video

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) said some costumes on sale in shops up and down the country took just nine seconds to become engulfed in flames and melt away. The service posted the hard-hitting video on YouTube as a warning to parents to be cautious during Halloween celebrations.

Horrific injuries

“We want everyone to enjoy Halloween, but we also need to warn parents about the dangers of these costumes – they look great, but some of them are incredibly flammable, said Geoff Harris, assistant county fire officer and director of prevention and protection. “The material these costumes are made of melts when it burns and it will stick to the skin causing horrific injuries.”


Strictly Come Dancing co-host Claudia Winkleman has been campaigning for Claudia-Winkleman-hair more safety checks on children’s costumes since her daughter’s costume caught fire last year causing severe burns. Winkleman argues that fancy dress items should be classed as clothing rather than toys so that they are required to pass more vigorous safety tests. The campaign has encouraged many retailers to increase testing on their children’s costumes but no new regulations have been brought into place, meaning you can’t always tell which outfits have been most rigorously tested.

Safety advice

To avoid the risk of injury, Geoff Harris offers the following advice:

“You can avoid disaster this Halloween by keeping your children away from naked flames and using battery powered tea lights instead of candles in your pumpkin lanterns. If you must use candles consider putting them in a glass jar, so there’s no chance of the flame catching a costume.

‘We would also recommend that you don’t take your children to bonfires or firework displays when they are wearing these costumes. If the worst should happen and clothes catches fire remember stop, drop and roll.”






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