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How to get your kids to eat fruit and veg: Tips from YOU!

how to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

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In our recent competition we asked you tips for how to get your kids to eat fruit and veg, we had some fantastics hints and tips from you! You’ve tried and tested them, so here’s a few of the best!

‘Get the children to plant their own in the garden or on the window sill. They can then have the enjoyment of seeing them grow and then eating them.’ ~ Mark Entwisle, Becca Townsend, Fiona Barnes, Kim Styles, Judith H Gutowski, Selina Plant, Elaine Kidd, Louise Lumsden, Abby Carrollhow to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

‘Dip fruit into chocolate, no problem getting them to eat it!’ Lorraine Polley

‘Name them after superheros! Mushroom soup = stormtrooper soup, anything green = hulk food etc’ ~ Laura Hughes

‘Smoothies are great fun to make, you can pack loads of fruit in and the kids love them!’ ~Debbie Campbell, Laura Olivier Tonks

‘You can hide five different vegtables blended into pasta sauce and the kids love using gadgets in the kitchen. My boys love pancakes too where they can decorate them with fruit.’ Kerry-Ann Pope

‘ I divided paper plates into five sections and got them to draw their favourite fruit and veg, then copied onto a plate with real food. I also put fruit in Jelly, ice lollues etc and vegetables mashed into potato cakes.’ ~ Bonnie Thompson

‘Use bite sizepieces’ ~ Felicity Smith

‘Use a reward chart!’ ~ Laura Wailes

‘Turn fruit into purees then freeze into ice lolly moulds!’ ~ Amy Tidd

‘I’m not a fan of hiding veg in food after my mum hid cauliflower in mash and put me off it for life! Just don’t make a fuss, put it on their plate and don’t make it into a battle’ ~ Catherine McAlinden

‘We turned the bottom of our garden into a mini orchard with fruit trees and veg – they are so excited to pick the fruit and learn how to cook with them, that it almost doesn’t even occur to them not to eat it!’ ~ Fiona Barneshow to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

‘I call them names; broccoli is trees, coli is clouds, carrots are swords or gold coins. Sweet corn makes you strong like the green giant, runner beans makes you fast etc. Although it does mean my youngest runs up and down the hall after eating runner beans to see if he’s any faster!’ ~ Rachel Johnson

‘Tell them if they eat veg they will be strong like their favourite super hero’s or their daddy’ ~ Elaine Dale, Emma Rose Baker, Lisa Baker

‘Don’t push it and eventually they will be intrigued and try it themselves, especially when parents have it on their plate.’ ~ Sarrah Woods

‘Introduce it when they’re tiny, keep it up, make it varied and lead by example’ ~ Michelle Kingsland, Esme McCrubb, Jenny Hammond Beattie, Maxine Partridge, Kiran Parry, Sandra Geddes, Sarah Nagle, Lisa Everaert, Clare D Leahy, Shoma Salgaonkar-Bhave

‘Have a tapas style dinner where they can pick and choose, it’s a good way to get them to try new things’ ~ Stephanie Burchatt

‘My kids love fruit kebas’ ~ Tracey Thompson

‘Don’t let them know that it may taste horrible, just introduce it like other food. If they refuse to eat it, make a pie or another bake with veg’ ~ Lia Louise Burns

‘Make faces on a plate with food or shapes like stars, hearts etc or use a cutter to make them into shapes.’ ~ Cherish Montana, Kris Whitehead, Zoe Dennett, Laura Jayne Bates, Nat Black, Julie N Chris Easby, Gillian Holmes, Stacey Rutter, Tamalyn Roberts, Samantha Fewster, Kirsty Found Her Noah-Whitlock, Claire Thomson Little

‘Let them go shopping, pick and prepare it. Pick a recipe from a cook book and all try it, getting them involved is key’ ~ Elisa Goodwin, Olivia Kirby, Karen Barrett, Carrie Talbot-Ashby, Angie Hoggett

‘Puree them down to go into sauces, soups or other foods like spag bol’ ~ Sherri Mse Fordham, Keri Jones, Pauline Simpson, Julie Leia Henderson, Eva Wylie

‘I mix different veg into my daughters mash and she loves it’ ~ Rachael Casper Lawler

‘Make funny pizzas with lots of veg on top’ ~ JoJo Young, Debbie J Smallwoods, Paula Bellhow to get your kids to eat fruit and veg

‘Place bowls of fruit and veg in front of them while watch a film, they tend to eat without thinking while watching TV’ ~ Victoria Leedham

‘Put veg in a casserole and make sure they see mum and dad eating it’ ~ Gaynor Cross

‘Get them involved in growing, peeling and chopping’ ~ Stacy Fenemore

‘Offer fruit at snack times, fruit juice for breakfast and have veg with every meal. My son is incredibly fussy but we manage to get fruit and veg in him everyday by staying calm and not over fussing.’ ~ Penelope Hewitt

‘Mine has 1 or 2 pieces of fruit either chopped into porridge or as a mini fruit salad on the side’ ~ Louise Anne Smyth

‘Have them sat at the table with you and let them try anything appropriate from your plate. NEVER fuss over food, don’t fill them up on drinks beforehand and make meals colourful. Eating together at the table is far better for them than slumped on the floor in front of the TV!’ ~ Pam Crampton

‘My dad always told us that vegetables wereonly for grown ups and had us begging to try them; used it on my kids and seems to still work!’ ~ Kat Lucas



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