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Healthy breakfasts for people who hate breakfast

Healthy breakfast for people who hate breakfast

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If the thought of an early morning munch-fest leaves you cold then you may be among an estimated 30-40% of Brits who habitually skip breakfast. Experts generally agree that a hearty, balanced breakfast is the perfect nutritional start to the day. Most of us know this at some basic level, here are a few idea’s for healthy breakfasts for people who hate breakfast!

Why do we Skip Breakfast?

Some people are simply not hungry first thing. Others trade a slice of toast for an extra five minutes under the duvet. And a proportion of those who shun brekkie do so because they are on a diet. Whatever your reason for opting out, if you have the appetite for change then it is possible to train yourself back into the breakfast habit. Doing so will leave you more energised and ready to face the day. It can also help to prevent the mid-morning or late-afternoon energy slump that sees you reaching for a Snickers. See if any of the following tempting breakfast snacks appeal.

Porridge with an Apple Pie Twist

Traditional porridge is effectively an oat-packed stack of energy in a bowl. But it can become a little dull. Try substituting apple juice for some of the milk or water used to make your porridge, and chop in a small dessert apple for additional texture and flavour. A sprinkling of cinnamon helps to bring out the apple enhancements, and voila – naturally sweet apple pie porridge.

Beans on Toast

Okay, this may seem more like a lunch or light evening snack. But the fibre contained in beans, coupled with a couple of slices of wholemeal toast, will give you a slow, steady release of energy that will last you through the morning. Beans are also a fabulous source of protein, which will stimulate your brain and keep you on track whatever you’re up to before lunch.

Berry Smoothie

Healthy breakfasts for people who hate breakfastIf carb-heavy breakfast options don’t appeal, then try a lighter bite with a smoothie. Blending apple juice with frozen summer berries, a banana and some low fat yoghurt will deliver a fresh and tempting drink to get you started on the day. Smoothies are so versatile and easy to make – all you need to do is make sure you stock up on fresh fruit and veg, juice and yoghurt on your weekly supermarket run, and the liquid-breakfast world is your oyster.

Homemade Breakfast Bars

If you don’t mind a dabble in the kitchen breakfast bars are simple and easy to make, and can provide you with a ready-made stock of healthy early morning snacks to last you through the week. Make a batch of your favourite bars on a Sunday, and no matter how later you rise mid-week you’ll always have a tempting treat on hand to grab-and-go. Surf the net and find a recipe that’s rich in the likes of oats, granola, bananas, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds.

Quick Omelette

For bodies that crave protein in the morning a quick omelette is a great option. Combining an egg, spinach and some lean ham in a microwaveable bowl and blitzing it for a minute creates a speedy and healthy breakfast that’s light, tasty and oh-so-healthy.

Breakfasts so often descend into a choice between cereal and toast – despite the range of breads available and a cereal aisle stacked floor to ceiling with various delights, breakfast can feel a little lacklustre from time to time. Try perking up your morning feed and re-ignite your fire for the fuel you need to get you through the day. Apparently there is research that proves eating breakfast makes you slimmer too – what better incentive do you need?




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