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Healthy Detox Without Starving Yourself

Healthy Detox Without Starving Yourself

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Now the kids are back to school and life returns to the routine, many parents are turning their attention to getting healthy. One way of kick starting this is by having a detox. If you opt for a no-eating style detox then you may lose weight and cleanse out your system but it really won’t be enjoyable and you’ll end up feeling worse, at least for a while. That doesn’t mean you can’t detox though. Here we show you how to do it healthily and, just as importantly, without starving yourself.

Drink plenty

And by that we mean water! Drinking plenty of water helps flush out your system as well as keeping you hydrated. It’s great for both the digestive system and your skin. There’s also evidence to suggest that drinking a glass of water half an hour before each meal helps you feel fuller quicker and for longer. You don’t need to go mad downing water all day long but if your urine is tinted yellow then you may need to up your intake.

Eat a good breakfast

We’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is definitely some truth in that, especially if you’re on a detox diet. Skipping breakfast means you’ll run out of steam early in the day making you more likely to dip into unhealthy snacks to keep you going until lunch. Eating a healthy breakfast should give you all the energy you need as well as setting your appetite for the day.

Watch your calorie intake

Obviously you’ll want to reduce the number of calories you’re taking in but it’s important not to go overboard. If you fall below around 1,200 calories per day your body won’t be properly nourished and will start attacking muscle instead of fat. And that’s the last thing you want during a detox! Aim to consume around 1,400 to 1,600 calories each day.

Sensible snacking

You don’t have to stick to just your three meals a day, even on a detox diet. The trick is to be sensible about what you snack on. Ditch the crisps and biscuits and choose fruit, unsalted nuts or popcorn instead. If you need to satisfy a craving for something sweet opt for a square of dark chocolate to keep your appetite at bay.

Go green

Healthy Detox Without Starving YourselfIt’s no secret that fruit and vegetables are great for detoxing. Try to include as much variety as possible in your diet by whipping them up into smoothies, adding them to salads for lunch or using them as an accompaniment for dinner.


Of course, you’ll need some filling foods to keep your energy levels up throughout your detox. This is where protein comes in. Lean chicken, turkey, fish and eggs are all great sources of protein. Try to avoid refined carbs, such as those found in white bread, and replace them with whole grain options to boost your protein intake and help keep you full for longer.

Avoid the ‘bad’ stuff

Obviously if you’re on a detox diet it’s because you want to cleanse your body of impurities. This means that you need to cut out the stuff that is generally fine now and again but isn’t exactly healthy. While detoxing it’s best to avoid alcohol, refined sugars, white flour, pasta and rice and most dairy products. As mentioned above, these things are fine to enjoy once in a while as part of a healthy balanced diet but for detox purposes they’re best left on the shelf.



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