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Keeping your immune system healthy

Keeping your immune system healthy

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The way we choose to live our life ultimately shows up through our body and its health. Whilst it is healthy to relax and enjoy ourselves, it is always good to have a balanced approach to life, taking steps to maximise health is invaluable. One of the most effective areas to concentrate on is the strengthening of the immune system, which if strong, is the part of you that fights of coughs, colds and infections.


Over the last few decades the use of antibiotics has reached an all time high and most people are now aware of the risks of recurring infections once the course has stopped.

Side effects include thrush, which eats away at the good healthy gut bacteria. So what are the alternatives? In days of old before antibiotics, most families relied on natural remedies many of which are still around. Here are a couple of suggestions of everyday ingredients to have in your cupboard and include in your daily intake.

Keeping your immune system healthy

Natural antibiotics

The herb oregano and specifically its oil has been found to be antibacterial and therefore able to counteract infection. It also helps with digestion and weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is another firm favourite in the natural foodies cupboard. Again with antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it is used for infection, but also has proven very effective in the treatment of arthritis and for those wanting to alkalise their systems.

Honey is considered the food of the gods in many ancient societies. Romans used to use honey on wounds as an antiseptic, it is considered one of the best natural antibiotics that we have. At times of low immunity where colds are developing, a honey, lemon and ginger drink is a great tonic. At the first sign of a sore throat, a spoonful of good quality organic honey can make the difference between it stopping there or developing into a full-blown cough.

Increasing foods in your diet that are high in vitamins A, B, C and E, all help to create a strong defence against infection. Upping zinc and selenium rich foods such as beans, grains, eggs and chicken help ensure the proper functioning of T cells, which are responsible for immunity.


Getting good quality sleep for 7 hours a night along with exercising regularly will also keep stress levels low, which is one of the prime conditions for infection to find its way into the body. Finally, find ways to keep your mood up, keep smiling and laughing as much as possible because this too reduces stress and keeps immunity high!



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About Jenny Smith

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