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Misconceptions of ‘ Sell by dates’

Misconceptions of ‘ Sell by dates’

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It’s a talking point that forever crops up in the news or articles, ‘Sell by dates’.

Most people are still unsure as to what these dates really mean, how safe is it to eat foods after the dates etc.

Shockingly, we are a throw away nation, on average we throw 10% of food in the bin, due to the sell by dates and food going off before we get chance to eat it!

So what do these labels Really mean?

Best Before Dates: Simply, these foods can be eaten after the ‘Best before date’ they may not be at there best.

Used By Dates: Food can be eaten up to this date but not recommended afterwards, even if it looks and smells ok. This label is about safety.

Sell by/ Display until: These labels are not for the shopper; these are a guide for the retailer only, keeping food for sale as fresh as possible.

Freezing Food

Misconceptions of ‘ Sell by dates’Before you decide to ‘bin’ the nearly out of date, everyday foodstuffs, remember you can freeze them up to the date they are to be used by.

  • Eggs can be frozen, not in their shells but lightly whisked, then freeze the liquid.
  • Bread can be frozen, either a full loaf or slices, saving the bread from going stale and being thrown out.
  • Cheese, milk, rice, yoghurts, mashed potato and cream can all be frozen and used at a later date.

Here is a list of some more unusual foods that can be frozen:

  • Nuts- Freezing makes nuts last longer and keeps the oil in them fresh.
  • Grated cheese – grate large chunks and pop it in freezer bags for a later date.
  • Ripe Bananas – Usually these go in the bin when they are over ripe, freeze them and use them at a later date for smoothies.
  • Wine – if you have a small amount left in the bottle, pop it in an ice cube tray and use at a later date in your cooking.
  • Butter – Frozen butter is great for baking, add grated frozen butter to your dough, pastry or biscuit mixture for a tender bake. If butter is on offer and you bulk buy to save money, pop the extra in the freezer.

If you have any tips on food storage and freezing foods, lets us know here at The Working Parent, we would love to hear from you.





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