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Pitta Pizzas- Kids favourite

Pitta Pizzas

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This pitta pizzas recipe is great for kids, especially babies who want to tuck into a pizza like his older siblings or Mum and Dad.  It’s super quick and tasty a is much healthier and baby friendly version of shop bought/takeaway pizzas.

We used white pittas as it’s all we had in the cupboard but wholemeal pittas are better for baby nutritionally.  You can also try English muffins though these are a bit deeper and therefore a bit more of a mouthful for small mouths!

Ready In

10 minutes


1 Pitta Bread

1 – 2 Teaspoons Tomato Purée

A handful of grated Mozzarella

Whatever toppings you desire


-Soften the pitta bread in the toaster for a minute or two, this makes it less likely to crisp up under the grill.

-Then squeeze a teaspoon or 2 of tomato purée on the top and spread thinly over the pitta with the back of a spoon.

-Grab a handful of mozzarella, we choose this cheese as it’s not too strong for smaller children and melts quickly.

-You can then add anything you like, try ham and fresh pineapple, tuna and sweetcorn or maybe mushroom and some pre-cooked chicken.

Baby eating food

Experiment with toppings and why not let the kids get involved? You’d be surprised how many children will eat something they’ve made themselves after refusing the very same dish for you the week before!

And Pitta Pizzas aren’t just for kids, this recipe takes about 5 minutes to make so is the perfect quick but satisfying snack for Mums and Dads on the go!



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