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Preventing food poisoning

Food poisoning warning

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850,000 people have reported cases of food poisoning every year, according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Food poisoning is unpleasant for anybody, it can cause serious illness even death. Many people assume food poisoning comes from Cafes and Food Outlets, but according to the FSA can still get food poisoning from food prepared at home. But it’s a common myth to think that food poisoning only comes from a dodgy takeaway. By following these tips you can reduce your risk of having food poisoning at home.

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap, before and after handling food, blowing your nose or using the toilet.

Hand washing to prevent food poisoning

Wash worktops

Its vital you wash all worktops before and after preparing food, particularly raw meat.

Wash Cloths

Tea towels and dish clothes should be washed regularly and replaced often to prevent germs from multiplying and spreading. Kitchen sponges and damp clothes are a breeding ground for germs.

Separate chopping surfaces

Raw food and ready to eat food should be prepared and chopped on separate chopping boards, this will prevent bacterial growth.

Keep raw meat separate

Raw meat should be kept well away from ready to eat foods, because these foods don’t need to be cooked before eating – so any germs transferred will not be killed before eating.

Store meat properly

Meat should always be stored in a clean container on the bottom shelf of the fridge. This will stop other foods touching it, or juices dripping onto other foods in your fridge.

Cook thoroughly

Always ensure your food is cooked properly throughout and is piping hot before eating.

Cool Fridge

Your fridge should be below 5*c all the time, this keeps your food cold and prevents bugs growing.

Cool leftovers

Cooked food that isn’t going to be eaten immediately must be cooled properly. Allow to cool at room temperature (for at least 90 minutes) before storing in the fridge.

Follow use by dates

Harmful bugs can develop in packaged food really quickly, so don’t eat food that has gone past its stated use by date.



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