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Sugar Swaps And Healthy Alternatives

Sugar Swaps And Healthy Alternatives

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We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, but when you’re craving a three o’clock pick-me-up it’s all too easy to reach for sugary snacks and drinks. High blood pressure, obesity and tooth decay are just some of the reasons for cutting down the amount of sugar in your family’s diet. Whether you’re aiming to lose a few pounds or just looking to improve your general eating habits, we’ve come up with some healthier alternatives to the chocolate bar.


Particularly among teenagers, fizzy drinks are one of the main sources of sugar intake. To combat this you might be inclined to enjoy a glass of fruit juice instead but beware as these often contain just as much sugar as a can of pop. Instead, you should ideally drink water or milk, but squashes with no added sugar are also a healthier alternative. Gradually cut down the amount of sugar you take in tea or coffee and soon you’ll prefer how your hot drink tastes unsweetened.


Biscuits, cakes and confectionary are all easy go-to snacks when we’re feeling peckish or want a boost between meals. The easiest way to ditch the sugar content is to avoid buying them in the first place. Instead, fill your cupboards with nuts, popcorn or fruit. Take your own snacks to work rather than relying on the stock of a vending machine or corner shop and offer a selection of healthy choices for the kids to take to school.

Sugar Swaps And Healthy Alternatives


Rather than offering ice cream or a pudding for dessert, give the kids some yoghurt. For an added healthy kick, bung in some chopped fruit. Children will enjoy it just as much and you can feel smug knowing they’re actually eating something healthy. Be careful when choosing yogurts though as some, especially those marketed towards children, contain surprisingly high levels of sugar.


Sure, everyone knows that Coco Pops and Frosties aren’t the healthiest of breakfasts but what about other cereals? A Which? study of the top 50 breakfast cereals in the UK showed that 88% of children’s cereals contained excessive amounts of added sugar. That means your child could possibly be eating the majority of her recommended sugar allowance for the day before she even gets to school! Stick to traditional breakfasts such as porridge or scrambled egg on wholemeal toast. Alternatively, check the sugar content on the box before you buy cereals. You can always complement the cereal with some added berries for a little burst of sweetness.

Portion sizes

If you just can’t resist a sugary snack then by all means tuck in. However, you may want to limit how much you eat.  As they say, ‘everything is fine in moderation’ but moderation is the key word here. Instead of two scoops of ice cream just have one or have half a glass of cola instead of filling it to the brim. Your dentist – and your waistline – will thank you for it.





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