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We try Jamie Oliver’s King of All Burgers – healthy, quick and cheap!

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We’re already huge Jamie Oliver fans in our house so it doesn’t take a lot for us to rush out and buy his latest cookbooks, which is how we came to try the ‘King of all Burgers’ from Save with Jamie.

This burger is delicious, very filling and will be a hit with little ones as well as grown-ups, though you might want to make the burger smaller!



1 red onion

Red wine vinegar

500g lamb mince

40g stilton (we used cheddar)

1 apple

Tomato ketchup

Spinach (optional)


Finely slice the onion; this is best achieved on a mandolin or in the food processor, then pop into a bowl with a good drop of the red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt. Scrunch the onion up to make a quick pickle and leave to one side.

If you’re making 4 adult sized burger scrunch the meat up then mould into 4 burgers, you may want to make 2/3 large burgers and use the remaining mince to form smaller child friendly burgers. Season with salt and pepper then fry on high heat for 4 minutes, then flip over and crumble over your cheese and cook for another 4 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.

Cut your buns in half, toast them if you like, we didn’t and we don’t think it would have made any difference. Then finely slice the apple and layer tomato ketchup and apple a couple of times, top with your cheesy burger, some spinach and then squeeze the excess vinegar out of your onion and top your burger with this. Bun lid on and you’re done!

Save with Jamie is just £7.99 at Amazon right now, so why not try his other delicious and cost-effective recipes?

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