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Why drinking enough water is so important

Why drinking enough water is so important

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It is said that Indian doctors report the majority of westerners who they treat whilst travelling are suffering from dehydration, remedying this symptom alone will make a huge difference in terms of how someone feels and are able to function. Closer to home we are still not drinking enough H2O, people commonly experience and put up with low level symptoms such as headaches, poor digestion and sluggishness that again, can be easily rectified by increasing levels of water intake.

Don’t forget to water your body!

With the huge range of drinks available now, it’s easy to forget that we all need pure water in our diets too. Knowing that water contributes significantly to the health of our cells, our nervous system and our digestion can be a good reminder to remember. So what are the common signs that a body is either dehydrated or moving in that direction?

Am I dehydrated?

Why drinking enough water is so importantThe more obvious sign include lethargy, poor sleep and headaches. The less obvious ones include, low blood pressure because the oxygenated molecules are not getting into the blood stream which in turn, goes on to affect the nervous system and muscle strength.

Secondly, an irregular heartbeat linked to an imbalance between sodium and potassium can be a sign of not enough water as can palpitations.

Thirdly dry skin on your lips or on the rest of your body is a further possible indicator of dehydration, as it is the last organ to receive water and fourthly and most obviously but rather surprisingly often ignored sign is thirstiness!!

Getting children to drink water

Some parents find it very hard to get their children to drink water, giving them squashes and juices without fully realising the dietary importance of just water. If this is familiar, see if you can find a way to simplify the physiological information here, present it to them so that they can understand the potential repercussions.

Explaining that the body is made up of 70% water and that all the different organs need water in order to feel good, is a good start. Bring water drinking into your family meals, also make it part of a routine when you get up in the morning and come in from school, you will soon reach the appropriate levels with your family.





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