Potato salad

Picnic ideas: Potato salad

Transform your boring old spuds into a lavish picnic feast, potato salad is quick to make and absolutely delicious. Potato salad ingredients: 1tbsp tarragon or cider vinegar 2tsp Dijon mustard 2tbsp olive oil 2tbsp walnut oil 1tsp honey salt and pepper 900g/2lb new potatoes, Jersey Royals or Charlotte, washed and scrubbed 1tbsp tarragon leaves, chopped

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Healthy picnic

Healthy summer picnic

When the summer arrives we all suddenly think of having picnics, but the contents in that basket may not always be healthy. We tend to get the chequered blanket and basket out and fill it with the first thing we lay our hands on. When was the first picnic? The very first picnics go all

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