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Grandparents are holding working families together

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Grandparents could be the glue that is holding modern working families together, new research suggests.

According to the survey commissioned by Interflora in celebration of Grandparents Day, more than a quarter of nans and granddads are providing regular childcare for the grandkids. And a routine trip to any park or toddlers group will support this, where the UK’s senior generations are usually out in force with little ones in tow.

New retirement hobby

Forget gardening, rambling and holidaying in Bournemouth, one in 10 pensioners are still providing daily childcare even after the age of 76. But with expensive childcare fees and high living costs, their free labour is proving to be a vital resource for Britain’s working parents as 23% of mums and dads admit they wouldn’t be able to work without that help.grandparents

The study of 734 grandparents, 1,000 parents and 1,000 children was commissioned ahead of Grandparents Day on the 5th October to highlight the contribution older generations make to family life.

When asked if they relied on their parents as much, opinion was divided, with 54% saying no and 46% saying yes.

‘Nan and granddad funnier than mum and dad’

The research also revealed that grandparents have an average of 3.5 grandchildren, but one in 10 have more than seven. Almost a fifth have grandchildren living with them. Luckily for mum and dad though, most children enjoy spending time with their nans and granddads, with ‘funny’, ‘happy’, ‘generous’ being the most common words used to describe them.

Nearly half of youngsters say their grandparents are funnier than their parents and 27% like not being told off. The feeling is mutual because 74% of grandparents wished they saw their grandchildren even more than they do already.

Commenting on the findings, Christine Webber, Harley Street psychotherapist, said: “The value of grandparent-grandchild contact is huge to both parties. And in these very changing times, it is a crucial part of family life.”




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