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“Healthy” Kids Drinks Contain more Sugar than Cola


It can be a difficult task for any parent to ensure that their child gets their recommended “five a day”, especially if those kids are particularly fussy about what they eat and drink. Yet with so many fruity drink options now available, it appears that getting the recommended daily allowance of fruit and veg is easier now, than ever before. However, new reports have revealed that those so-called healthy kids’ drinks are not as beneficial for your children’s health as you may have first believed.

Hidden sugars

Many parents refrain from allowing their children to drink fizzy drinks such as cola, and as a 200ml serving has approximately five teaspoons of sugar, this is hardly surprising! What may shock you is just how much sugar is in drinks aimed specifically at children which are advertised as being a healthy alternative to other fruit-based drinks.sugar the devil in disguise

The report by Action on Sugar reveals that drinks such as Tesco’s own brand apple and banana drink contains the equivalent of 8 teaspoons of sugar with each 200ml serving, and the popular Innocent brand drinks for kids contains 7 teaspoons of sugar per 200ml serving.

Scathing report

The campaign group, Action on Sugar, conducted research revealing that many drinks advertised as healthy beverages for children are brimming with sugars and many even feature glucose syrup as an added ingredient. The group’s report has received praise from health professionals who insist that drinks such as these should not be viewed as a way to get children to eat fruit and should only be given as an occasional “treat”.

However, The British Soft Drinks Association is disappointed with the scathing report, and spokesperson, Gavin Partington is keen to point out the benefits associated with many varieties of fruit drink: ‘It is unfortunate this survey omits to mention the established health benefits of fruit juice, such as vitamin C.”

Concerns over hidden sugars in fruit juices, have also been raised by many dental practitioners who regularly see the damage to children’s teeth, caused by sugar. They advise that children should only be given water or milk in place of sugary drinks.




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