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10 Tips For A Happy Home

10 Tips For A Happy Home

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The way we populate, decorate and think about the space we inhabit can seriously affect our mood. The colours we choose, the things we place in our immediate environment and our attitude towards our home can leave us feeling bright and inspired, or gloomy and sad. If your home space would benefit from a little mood re-modelling here are 10 top tips to get you started and bring some happy back into your world.

1. Switch your Lighting – interior design gurus recommend having at least 3 individual light sources in each room. Table lamps, standard lamps, wall lights, hidden lighting, a central feature ceiling light … the list is endless. Think about how you use each room, design your lighting to maximise your mood options accordingly

2. Add a little Sentimentfamily photos, or travel souvenirs bring a touch of the personal into your home and can provide an instant sense of connection that is renewed every time you enter that space. Choose things that bring happy memories to mind, which offer yourself an instant mood boost whenever your enter a room

3. Clean your Windows – this has to be my very least favourite household chore so they don’t often get done in my home. But I have to (very grudgingly!) admit that the sparkle when they are cleaned makes the house brighter and more cheery. Even gloomy days outside somehow look a lot happier through clean glass

4. Go Green – placing houseplants in your home not only adds a splash of colour, but boosts your happy too. The extra oxygen and sense of connection with the environment that plants deliver have been proven to enhance your mood

5. Treat Yourself – on a tight family budget most money goes on essentials. But your home is where you spend much of your free time, so investing in it is money well spent too. The odd little treat for your house will make you feel good – choose something bright and cheery – like an ornament, picture, cushion, or even a kitchen gadget of choice, bought just because you like it can make you smile over and over again

10 Tips For A Happy Home

6. Feel the Love – when we first create a room space we generally take time to build-in things that we love. Over time we can lose sight of what these are, so make a conscious effort to zone-in on the one special thing you love about each room whenever you walk in and fall in love with that space all over again

7. Blank your decor – we don’t all have the time, money or inclination to redecorate our homes. So if you decor is getting you down, get into the habit of ignoring it. Tricky at first, but if you focus on all the other things that make your home wonderful – the things in it, the people, the experiences, the memories – you’ll remember that while your four walls may be important, they are not the whole home story

8. Relax – when you’ve had a rough day your home can get you down if you’re not feeling the love for it. But your home is your sanctuary, so give it a chance. Focus on the good things about it when you walk in – the sofa where you can chill, the bath where you can lay back and relax, the fridge where you can find your favourite snacks

9. Use your Space – if you only ever view your home as a place to rest your head between work and chores, then you will inevitably fall out of love with it. Making it a happy place in part comes from creating happy experiences there. Use your home for happy times; you will generate a sense of contentment that lingers long after the event has passed. Have a fun games night in with the family instead of going out. Curl up with a good book. Throw a party. Your home will feel happy if you build happy memories there

10. Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude – if you find it hard to visualise why you loved your home to begin with, it can help to write things down. A pen-and-ink reminder of everything you have to be grateful for about your home can help you to feel more contented there. Even if you have grown to dislike your home, you can always find something to be grateful for about it – the fact that you HAVE a home at all is a good start! Once you start writing about the things you are grateful for you will find others pop into your head. All these little things can serve as daily reminders of why your home is your sanctuary, and help you to look forward to spending time there again.



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