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15 Pound holidays from the Sun


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Going on holiday for £15.00? It sounds absolutely wonderful doesn’t it? But is it really possible? Well The Sun newspaper tells us so, but what is the real damage to our pocket? Let’s have a look at exactly how much a £15.00 family holiday really is and how to avoid the ‘hidden’ extras that could soon turn it into an extravaganza!

What is it really going to cost us?

The actual cost really is £15.00 per person for a three or four night holiday but there are indeed extra’s which can soon mount up. Firstly you will have to pay for a minimum of four people so the least you can pay with the offer is £60.00. Most of the holiday parks add on a service charge for the cleaning, gas and electric which is usually between £10.00 and £44.00. If this isn’t added then you will have to either pay in coins or purchase tokens for gas and electricity.

Further costs

Then there are the other costs to look out for too such as bed linen. Bed linen won’t be included in your offer so you can either take your own linen (annoying when you have a family to pack for as well) or you can hire the bed linen, usually at a cost of anywhere around £1.00 to £10.00 per bed.

Some parks may provide free entertainment passes in the offer but quite often entertainment passes are not included and would have to be purchased at around £2.00 to £15.00 person for the duration of the stay. Although you obviously don’t have to have them to stay on the park, but it won’t be much fun watching the kids pressing their noses up against the window wishing they could join in the action. So you need to either budget for that or better still, get it in with the deal if possible.

Taking dogs with you is also not included so could either mean paying extra for the dog or paying for kennelling the dog during your absence. Also you may be able to “upgrade” the accommodation – again this is going to cost, but it may be something you should bear in mind in the colder months as the heating and insulation elements of more standard and basic accommodation and caravans may not be adequate.

Conditions apply!

As with most offers nothing is exactly as you would have, and in this instance you can’t choose the exact date or place you go on the break, you have to specify four sets of dates from the ones that are set out, and four different parks. You will then be allocated the break. So to pick the best park for you out of the many to choose from, do your homework and read reviews from the review websites such as Trip Advisor.

What to do

15 pound sun holidaysSo now you’ve weighed up the true cost and you have decided you want to go grab a piece of the action – how do you claim your golden ticket?  Usually when the offer is on the sun print a token in their paper every day for a set period of time and you have to collect them. If you are a sun plus member you don’t have to collect the tokens. Then once you have your last token, you can either download a booking form or book online using the code words on your token. Due to the popularity of these offers you need to be quick off the mark to get your chosen break.

No money back

Make sure you absolutely want to go and can go in the specified dates because once you have paid for the deal there are no returned monies for any cancellations and no amendments, so double check you can get the time off work and that the park and accommodation type are right for you and your family.

Keep it cheap

Remember, even though booking your Sun holiday is cheap in comparison to other getaways, it may not be cheap once you get there. If the site has amusements for the kids and you are going out through the day or evening for food and drinks, then this can soon mount up, so take as much of your own groceries and entertainment as you can to keep the price fom rocketing. After all these holiday considerations though don’t forget the most important thing – to have a great time!






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