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25 free activities for teens

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Free activities your teens can enjoy

Big kids can be less easy to please than little ones, and the things they enjoy doing can also be a great deal more expensive.  Free activities for your growing brood are an essential part of the budget plan, so here are 25 free activities for teens, which will keep your purse strings firmly tied!

free activities

  1. Cafe culture may be attractive, but the cost of a skinny latte (not to mention the bus fare) makes it less palatable.  Brewing coffee in the home can be just as enjoyable, and if your teen is keen to get the coffee shop mood then suggest she and her friends lounge on the sofa and read books or poetry to each other.
  2. Get cultural – most museums have a few days a week when they offer free admission.
  3. Play free games – there are many group-friendly games out there available for free, especially from Nintendo online.  Revitalise that expensive DS that is sat in the cupboard and suggest you teen hosts a gaming session.
  4. Build something – snow, sand, or Lego, it doesn’t matter what your material, building something from scratch is fun, and even better if you add an element of competition.
  5. People watch – we spend most of our lives passing through the world without really looking at it.  Sitting in a peaceful spot and watching the world go by can be fascinating.  And often very entertaining.
  6. Go outdoors – a walk in the woods, or on the beach is refreshing and different, and good for your teen’s health.
  7. Recycle old clothes – old jeans are very versatile, and can easily be converted into a pair of shorts, a small bag, or a sunglasses bag.  The sky is the limit with this activity.
  8. Find your inner child – you can find all sorts of old kids TV programmes online.  Even teens still have a child in them somewhere, and revisiting shows that made them smile when they were little is always a winner.
  9. Go back to the playground – kids outdoor games like hopscotch, tag, and hide-and-seek are just as much fun for teens as they are for little ones.
  10. Get drawing – taking a walk with a sketchpad and finding a view that inspires you to draw can yield surprising results.  Even the artistically challenged can express themselves on paper – it’s not about the quality of the picture, but the experience of letting your imagination run free.
  11. Use the library – yes, they do still exist!   Suggest that your teen selects a few movies to borrow, they may just find a gem they would never have considered watching before.  For free.
  12. Visit your Tourist Office – visitors to our home towns often know more about what’s on than we do.  Encourage your teen to drop into the tourist office and find out what free activities or shows are coming up.
  13. Get a Makeover – most department stores offer this service in the hope you will invest in some products afterwards.  It’s polite to do so if you can, but you are not obliged to.
  14. Learn to Play Cards – it’s fun to have a little bet, so suggest that your teen uses M&Ms or Smarties as the stake, and hosts a poker night.
  15. Host a Make-up Swap party – close girlfriends often share make-up anyway, so why not get them together and experiment with each other’s stuff, suggesting they swap anything that they don’t often use.
  16. Take a bike ride – good exercise and a great way to get some fresh air.  Taking a picnic along can make a day of it.
  17. Shop Free – many bigger stores have freebies on offer to entice shoppers through their doors.  Trawling the shopping centre with friends and seeing how much you can bag for nothing is a great way to fill a few hours and boost your mood!
  18. Bake a cake – letting your teen loose in the kitchen may seem like asking for trouble, but a simple cake or biscuit recipe made from stuff you already have in stock can keep them busy, and provide you with a yummy treat.
  19. Walk a dog – yours, or someone else’s.  The dog will appreciate it, whoever is holding the lead.
  20. Get sporty – many town parks have free table tennis or full tennis facilities outdoors.  Encourage your teen to borrow a racket and some balls and go and practice their serve.
  21. Keep fitWii, fitness DVDs, online programmes – there are no end of exercise routines you can find for free.  Get your teen to invite their friends around for a work-out in the living room.
  22. Be Board – host a night where you play retro board games.  Trivial pursuit, snakes and ladders, Monopoly – they are all timeless for a reason – they are good fun!
  23. Make a collage – your teen may have any number of magazines knocking about.  Take the opportunity to have a clear out, and suggest your teen gets crafty and makes a collage of cut-outs. Younger kids love to do this, and for teens a theme like Make-up or Cars is sure to pique their interest.
  24. Watch a new sport – make it a mission to learn the rules, and even have small bets on who will win.
  25. Plan a world trip – this may never turn into reality, but is a great way to encourage teens to think about the world outside of their own.  Where would they love to visit and why.



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