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5 Ways to get organised

5 ways to get organised

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Although it would be incredibly helpful, no one is born with the organisational skill and productivity levels necessary for leading a perfectly ordered and spotless life. We all need help – usually in the form of a push – to get us going at the beginning of the day and to stay organised throughout, and these skills need to be regularly practiced and honed in order to be maintained.

So, how can we become organisation extraordinaires? It doesn’t happen over night! Follow these 5 ways to get organised and you’ll be preparing for events well into the future in no time.

1. Do Not Procrastinate

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “you may delay, but time will not.” Procrastinating is the number one enemy of organisation, often leaving you more worried and muddled than ever, and for much longer. By completing tasks early you remove the stressful and demanding weight of it off your shoulders! Although you may not feel like completing a task at the time, you will thank yourself for it later.

2. Schedule Everything

Have you ever met one of those people who just seem to remember everything? They remember events, meetings, deadlines, birthdays and anniversaries like they have their own calendar containing everything formatted into their brains. Alas, these people aren’t robots of magicians; they simply learnt early on to schedule everything. By scheduling and writing tasks down, you relieve any space or pressure you felt simply trying to remember it. You’re also much less likely to forget or waste more precious time!

3. De-clutter: Don’t Hoard

If you can find the time – and you should be able to if you schedule it in! – take an hour or so every week to study one section of your home or belongings and get rid of everything you don’t need. Any unwanted or unnecessary junk is simply taking up space and cluttering your life. Organisation may start within you, but it must also show in the real world.

5 ways to get organised

4. Make Sure Everything Has A Home

After de-cluttering, it may be even more useful to organise your wanted belongings into their own little spaces. When everything has home, nothing can be lost and they easily found. Take a few minutes to put things back in order, literally!

5. Keep Up The Good Work

The key to remaining organised is consistency! It’s no good being organised for a week only to fall back into your old routines and lose all of your hard to the chaos of everyday life again. By putting in effort you ensure rewards!




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