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A mans guide to dressing for a wedding


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Weddings they are all about the girls aren’t they? What will the bride be wearing? What will the mother of the bride be wearing? Will the mother of the groom attempt to steal anyone’s thunder? This is how many of us girls think regarding a pending wedding but what do the men think? Do they know the difference between a fuchsia and pink bridesmaid dress and whether that cobalt blue handbag is an absolute match for those shoes? Do they care? Probably not – well not to the extent ladies do but isn’t it nice to get to see men in their best bib and tucker and razzle dazzle ‘em? A wedding is a celebration, a joyous occasion and let’s face it the older we get the less chance we seem to have to get dressed up so here’s a mans guide to dressing for a wedding.

So what is the dapper man about town to wear to a wedding now a days?

Dress Code

Sometimes the happy couple have already stated a dress code, maybe black tie for example, then you really do need to get on your tux and dress to impress. If you are unsure as to the exact requirements always best getting a second opinion from someone who is perhaps more in the know and get it right.

If you have a part to play such as best man or usher you may be asked to wear something the couple hire. It may not be what you would choose but be prepared to go along with it. Even if you feel silly and uncomfortable try to stand tall and confident and wear it well – the couple are trusting you to make an impression on their behalf.

No dress code?

man dressing for a weddingIf no dress code is implied perhaps go with something you already have. Ideally a suit – solid navies and greys probably best with a crisp white shirt and tie and try to ensure black shoes, they create more coordination. If you don’t have a suit and don’t want to buy or hire one, or you simply don’t like suits because they are really not you, still try to remember to respect the occasion. Go for a dark grey or black pair of trousers and a blazer and shirt and tie. Someone has spent a lot of money (more than likely) on this wedding although they want you there (hence the invite) they are trusting you to make a respectful effort for them – turning up in jeans or your favourite joggers is not an option you don’t want to be mistaken for the lucky chimney sweep on their big day.

Bear in mind the season

Sometimes it’s nice to go with a bit of seasonal inspiration, for example if it is a spring wedding what about pale pink or pale blue tie with matching pocket handkerchief to really set the tone?  Or for the summer bolder, brighter colours are often best. Winter time often demands more muted tones with focus on the fabric texture such as silk ties.

Dress to kill – not overkill

Okay so you are now quite enthusiastic about your chance to swan around, perhaps meeting and impressing new people looking like James Bond – but don’t over egg the pudding. Leave the spinning bow ties and Bart Simpson ties at home. Resist the temptation of the sequined waist coat and adopt a little less is more attitude. You may want to create the impression that you are fun but really clowns belong in the circus.

Do a dummy run

It’s all well and good knowing you have just the right clothes to wear for this occasion as it was only three years ago you went to a wedding. You haven’t worn it since – but it will be fine. Really?  Are you sure? Are you still the same size as then? Are you sure the moths haven’t been at it in the meantime? Try on ALL the clothes beforehand or you could find on the morning of the wedding you pull out a bedraggled suit, that fits like a cheap carpet, then all you will be wearing is a frown.

Clothes are important but it’s also important to make sure you are well groomed. Have a good clean shave (obviously not if you usually sport a beard). Make sure you hair is washed and combed, zingy fresh breath and how about a dab of that aftershave?

It is important for both men and women to make an effort on someone’s wedding day, it shows respect and it really is the least you can do for them – that and making sure you enjoy yourself of course!








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