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A mystical start to the New Year

A mystical start to the New Year

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As the New Year establishes its foothold, we often look to rid ourselves of any negatives of the last year and start the new one with a fresh and dynamic approach. There are many of us who are open to a few non-conventional methods to get us feeling good and help us kick the New Year off with a more mystical start.


This time of year after all that Christmas revelry, we have our hair begging for mercy. The overuse of the hair dryer, straighteners and curling tongs can leave us looking a little ragged round the edges to say the least. To re-energise those locks and help supercharge our hair’s growth, we can use chalcopyrite. Immerse this crystal in a bowl of clean water overnight (preferably under the moonlight) and leave to soak. Spray the water over the hair the next day and voila! Begin sleeping with the crystal underneath a pillow for maximum effect.


Along with our hair, our skin can take a battering too this time of year. The crystal ‘aventurine’ is great for the prevention of a last minute breakout of spots and helps provide a clearer skin. Leave the crystal overnight in a bowl of clean water and simply rinse your face the next morning with the infused water.

Wanting more romance for the New Year?

A mystical start to the New YearTry lighting a red, chocolate or vanilla scented candle and place symbols of love around it (not too near – think health and safety!) Possibly place roses or a picture representing love and ask the Aphrodite the Goddess of love and beauty to maximise your looks. Also amber is said to help us appear more attractive. Rub an amber stone on the neck and/or wrist to give you that irresistible appeal. Please make sure your new suitors form an orderly queue!

Create more confidence

Would you like more confidence as you move forward? The crystal ‘lapis lazuli’ can help with confidence and is said to assist with expression and being able to ‘put yourself forward’. If you are shy and yearn for a little more confidence, you could perhaps carry the stone or buy a small piece of jewellery like a bracelet or a ring and wear it daily.

Getting back into a good sleep routine

Routinely securing a good night’s sleep can not only get us feeling good but also rejuvenate how we look. Lavender has long been considered an aid to helping us get to the land of nod. A dab of lavender oil on the pillow, lavender pillow spray or something else lavender related can really help improve the quality of sleep.

Studies have found that most people report feeling more energised on waking after a lavender aided sleep and it has been show to help improve sleep with patients who suffer from anxiety disorders.

For the home

To rid your home of all the unhealthy ions that float around from the TV, computers and radios etc. introduce a Himalayan rock-salt lamp. They are made of crystal rock salt millions of years old and originate from the foothills of the Himalayas. These lamps are said to not only be able to rid the negative ions but promote well-being, and many claim they can be an aid to help with anxiety and insomnia. As if this was not enough – the lamps, when lit are quite pleasing to the eye, and give a lovely warm glow, making a rather pretty addition to most rooms.

To some, alternative and complimentary methods and therapies are just pie in the sky, but for others they are a pleasant way to promote and sustain well-being and happiness. Without trying anything new we never know what might or might not work for us. It can’t hurt to try a couple of new things from time to time – we might just be surprised by their effects.






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About Shani Fowler

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