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Activities for kids with ADHD

Activities for kids with ADHD

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Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often struggle to concentrate during the long school day and so when school is over – or at the weekend – it can be refreshing to do something fun yet challenging that doesn’t involve sitting still for so long. Kids with ADHD generally thrive on routine so it can be a good idea to introduce them to an activity they’ll enjoy that they can do at least once a week.

Martial arts

A class in tae kwon do or karate will help get rid of any excess energy but also train kids to practice self control. The complex physical movements strengthen neural networks in the brain and, help concentration and develop coordination. Martial arts classes are also a fantastic confidence booster.

Team sports

Football, basketball, netball and other team sports are great ways to expel energy, stay active and interact with other kids while learning the rules of the game and working as a team. Being part of a sports team can also help improve self-esteem in kids who are not high academic achievers.


These organisations now have guidelines to help group leaders encourage and bring on children with ADHD. Other than that, the routines practiced and the system of receiving a reward for mastering a task are both aspects that will appeal to many people with ADHD. And the variety of activities covered in the Scouts and Guides means there will be something for everyone.

Activities for kids with ADHD

Outdoor pursuits

If you’re looking for something the whole family can get involved in then why not try the great outdoors? Take up hiking, running or cycling and go exploring together. As well as giving you the opportunity to spend quality time together, your child won’t get frustrated with standing around waiting on other people to turn up or take their turn.

Art or music

If your child is creative then she may enjoy an art club or taking part in music rehearsals. However, if this is something your child is interested in then it may be best kept for weekends as it involves sitting still and concentrating, which is precisely what she’s been doing at school all day. Being creative through music or art allows kids to express themselves while developing a new skill.

Trial and error

Every child is unique and that goes for kids with ADHD too. What might be a great activity for one child may be hated by another so it makes sense to try things out before forking out a load of cash to block book an activity. Just like other children, ADHD kids will get the most out of pursuits that they find interesting so consider your child’s interests and personality when deciding on a new activity to try. Don’t be put off if the first couple of things your child has a go at aren’t a success but use the experience to figure out what your child is looking for in (and doesn’t want from) an activity.



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