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Alternative Easter ideas


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If your house is anything like mine, on Easter Sunday your cupboards will become full of eggs, chicks and bunnies all made from the same thing. Yep, that would be chocolate. Much as I love the stuff, I do (sometimes) feel (a little) guilty at digging into the kids’ stash of Easter goodies. Yet, at the same time, I don’t really want them scoffing too much chocolate over just a few days. And I don’t want us to still be munching our way through Easter eggs come advent!

Don’t get me wrong, kids faces covered in chocolate on Easter morning is one of life’s little pleasures and certainly not to be denied, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. So if grandparents, aunties and friends have the tasty stuff covered then why not think outside the box and give your kids an Easter treat that will last more than five minutes after the packaging is removed?


A new outfit is a great gift for babies and children who may be a bit young for chocolate and don’t really understand what’s going on yet. For some older kids the idea of getting clothes as a gift will be severely frowned upon. However, if you let them pick their own outfits you may find they get into the idea. This has the added bonus of killing two birds with one stone, as you’d likely be updating their wardrobe for summer anyway.

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Bearing in mind that Easter usually falls during a two-week break from school, you may want to go down the route of buying your kids a new game to keep them entertained. Whether it’s a video game for the Wii or a classic board game, try to pick something the whole family can enjoy together.


Staying on the theme of keeping children entertained on a rainy day, books make great gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come. Pop-up books about farm animals are lovely for young kids and will teach them about all the new animals born in spring. Older children can be a little trickier to buy for as they will have developed their own tastes in literature but a quick browse on their bookshelves should give you a few ideas.

Outdoor toys

Easter usually marks the beginning of the nicer weather coming in so what better time to update your children’s garden toys? Depending on budget and the age of your kids you might want to consider things like goalposts, slides, a swing or trampoline. If you don’t have a large garden then items such as a scooter, Frisbee or marbles might suit. Even a bottle of bubble mixture will keep young children entertained for hours!


Rather than an Easter gift, an event or day out can be a good idea. If the weather’s nice you can get everyone together for a barbecue and treasure hunt or take the family to a farm to see all the new chicks and lambs that have been born. Most places even let you bottle-feed some of the baby animals. Alternatively, catching a film at the cinema or playing some crazy golf may go down fabulously. With the weather getting better and the nights drawing out, the Easter holidays are a great opportunity to spend some quality family time together and the memory can last a lifetime!




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