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Alternative ways to spend Christmas Day

alternative ways to spend Christmas Day

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Maybe you can’t face a traditional Christmas Day with the family. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent and want to get out and about. Maybe you just want to work off that huge Christmas dinner. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one and Christmas doesn’t seem quite the same. There are many reasons why families like to do something a little different on Christmas Day, but sometimes it feels like the options are pretty limited.

If you are dreading spending a whole day stuck at home doing the traditional festive gathering, then here are some ideas for alternative ways to spend the day.


Homeless people don’t magically disappear at Christmas, but thankfully neither does their support network. Homeless charity, Crisis, runs a number of centres that are open on Christmas Day and volunteers are always needed. From making the tea to dishing out meals and offering specialist help, you can spend the day knowing that you’re making a real difference to someone’s life.

Go to the pub

Most pubs are open for at least part of Christmas Day. A walk along to your local for a quick drink at lunchtime can be enough to get you out of the house while the turkey is cooking. The atmosphere will usually be festive and the change of company will set you up for the rest of the day.

Eat out

Many restaurants remain open on Christmas Day and most offer a special festive menu. The prices may be a bit more expensive than usual, but why spend half the day slaving over the cooker and the other half clearing up when you can get someone else to do it for you?

Feed the ducks

As we’re all stuffing our faces, those poor ducks will have hardly a crumb to keep them going on the 25th. Take some bird feed with you and make the most of the fresh air as the ducks enjoy their Christmas meal.

Visit the zoo

alternative ways to spend Christmas DayDecember 25th is just another day for the animals in the zoo but they won’t be getting much attention as most people stay at home. Wrap up warm and take advantage of the lack of queues to have a memorable day out. Check the restaurants and cafes before you go – you might even be able to have your Christmas lunch there.

Go cycling

You may love going out on your bike but hate the traffic that comes with cycling in the city. If so, Christmas Day is the perfect time to enjoy a more relaxed trip with very little traffic on the road. No buses pulling out in front of you, no white van men making crazy moves and nice clear cycle lanes to travel along are what every urban cyclist dreams of.

Dance the night away

While the majority of us spend Christmas night snuggled up on the sofa with chocolates and a glass of festive cheer, others are getting on down on the dance floor. You might be surprised at the number of clubs open on Christmas night but if you fancy seeing in Boxing Day in style then make the most of having your folks over to stay and ask them to babysit.

What will you be doing this Christmas Day? Add your own ideas for ways to do things a little differently.







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