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Are you a weight watcher

are you a weight watcher

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The majority of us have been on a diet at some point in our lives; we may have joined a local club or followed some celebrities’ faddy diet – we all remember the Cabbage Soup diet or know someone craving carbs after a week on the Atkins diet don’t we? Whether you have been battling the bulge for years or you’re a first time dieter, there is no doubt that maintaining a healthy weight and providing your body with a balanced and nutritious diet, gives us countless health benefits. One name we’ve all heard of when it comes to diets is weight watchers, and since it celebrated its 50th birthday earlier this year, it’s obviously been doing something right when helping us shed a few pounds!

Moving with the times

Most of us think of Weight Watchers as being the weekly meetings held in a church hall or community centre where you get weighed and then meet with others for advice and moral support, and this is still an incredibly popular and successful approach to losing weight. As well as the traditional meetings, Weight Watchers has also moved with the times and offers more interactive ways of keeping your diet on track with both online subscriptions, monthly passes and personal apps.

Online support

The online subscription allows members to manage their weight loss and keep track of their progress from their desktop or iPhone. Once you’ve signed up, member can access the portal and customise their settings, create checklists and tracking tools and also have access to the Weight Watchers app which is easy to use and goes wherever you and your smartphone or tablet go.

are you a weight watcher

Weight loss apps

The weight watchers app gives you access to the pro points value of over 35,000 foods, meals and recipes and allows you to quickly and easily create healthy meals. It allows you to search for recipes based on special occasion or dietary requirements and also has a quick look-up cheat sheet to check the points value of pizza’s, salads, cocktails and pasta. You are able to track your progress and tick off weight loss milestones as you go so you’re always up to date with your daily pro-points and weight loss. Even if you can’t get online to update your information, you can store info in the ‘untracked items’ folder and then update once you’re back online.

Online subscriptions occasionally differ in price but at present at £11.95 for one month or £32.90 for a three month saving plan.

Monthly passes

If you prefer the face to face approach then you can also sign up for a monthly Weight Watchers pass which gives you unlimited access to any Weight Watchers weekly meetings as well as access to the online member’s portal. One of the main reasons member love the monthly pass is because it can lead to 5 times more weight loss than just using the online approach, as well as the social and motivational aspect meeting up with others brings!

Crash or faddy diets can often lead to health issues and although you may initially lose weight quickly with some of these extreme methods, maintaining a healthy weight afterwards is often very difficult and weight soon creeps on again. So if you’re thinking about losing weight then it’s important you adopt the correct attitude towards weight loss, creating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight without going to unhealthy extremes.




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