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Autumn Gardening Tips


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Clear out your gutters and ensure that rainwater collection buckets are working. Scrub and clean to reduce algae build up.

Remove the canes, netting and steaks that are no longer needed, clean and store. Don’t wait until spring to get the most out of your garden. Autumn is the best time for planting. Plant some bulbs to make a fine spring display.

Trim back hedges before winter to keep them compact and bushy from ground level.

Check your lawn for weeds – weeds can spring up when you least expect it. Tired lawns could do with some autumn feeding ready for next season.

Gather up grass clippings, leaves, pruning’s etc, and place them in a compost bin. You will need to turn this periodically with a garden fork, this allows it to circulate and decompose quickly.

Raking Leaves in autumn

Don’t cultivate the soil beneath trees as you’ll damage the roots.

Roses thrive in autumn, so plant some to add colour to your garden. If you already have roses, deadhead them to encourage further growth.

To protect the soil before winter kicks in, add in chippings between plants. This will also add vital nutrients for the soil to remain fertile and keep your garden looking tidy.

If you want new plants next season, take cuttings from the plants you already have. These cuttings should be roughly 10 cm tall. Place in small pots full of compost and make sure any lower leaves are removed before planting.

Put out bird food to encourage winter birds into the garden.

It’s a good idea to raise the height of your lawn mower, as the grass will be growing at much slower rate.

Insulate your outdoor containers from frost – try using bubble wrap if possible or move the pots to a frost free area, such as a greenhouse.



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