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Beating the January blues


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Now the party season is well and truly over, many of us have been left feeling deflated. If you are among the many people that suffer from the January blues, take a look at our tips to help you face the New Year in a positive way.

Plan Ahead

Half the fun of Christmas is the planning, so why not do the same with the New Year? Going away in January is the perfect way to escape the dreary British weather and will certainly lift your spirits. Research has shown that the mere anticipation of a holiday can make you happy. Use this time away to rejuvenate and revitalise after a hectic festive season.


january bluesNew Year’s resolutions are a fantastic way to improve your mood and January is a time when people feel motivated by the promise of new beginnings. Begin a new exercise regime and you will soon feel the benefits. Medical experts believe regular exercise can help combat mild to moderate depression because sports and movement cause the body to release mood-enhancing endorphins. Whether it be daily walks or a spell at the gym; exercise of any kind will boost your health and help obliterate those January blues.


The dark days and cold winter nights are enough to make anyone want to hibernate, so embrace the urge to crawl into bed by making sure you get enough sleep. Regulating your sleeping patterns by going to bed and rising at the same time each morning from a seven-to eight hour slumber will ensure you are rested and your mind and body are ready to take on the tasks of the day ahead.

Eat Well

What you consume can certainly affect your mood and by eating healthily you will feel happier and will also be better prepared to fight off any seasonal viruses. Foods that are high in Omega-3 oils are known to be natural mood elevators, so stock up on nuts, seeds and flaxseed oil and nibble your way to happiness.

Go Out

This may seem a strange suggestion after all of last month’s partying, but socialising with your nearest and dearest really can help you emerge from your sombre mood. Make this the time you add to your network of friends by joining social groups or by volunteering at a local charity.

Ditch the Drink

Although some use alcohol as a way to relax or as a confidence booster it is in fact a depressant, and too much the night before can lead to a depressing morning after. If you spent the festive season topping up drink after drink, give your liver a rest and brighten your mood by taking an alcohol sabbatical. Not only will your thoughts become more focused, allowing you to do more with your days, but by staying away from calorific alcoholic beverages you may also shed those Christmas pounds.


Should you be experiencing more than the January blues, do seek the advice of a medical professional. Lethargy, low mood, low self-esteem and under or over-eating are just some of the signs of depression and should not be ignored. Charities such as the Samaritans, Mind and YoungMinds are available to offer advice on coping with depression, or if you just want somebody non-judgemental to talk to about your feelings.






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