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The best Holiday tips from you!

£30 off holiday bookings

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Summer is finally on it’s way and we recently asked you for your best holiday tips, from booking to the beach! You had some great ideas that are a must for other parents! Here are some of the best from you!


Plan holidays around what is on sale Vs where you want to go ~ Kat Lucas

Book early to get your free childs place ~ Caroline Robinson

Review sites and forums like trip advisor are great to give you an idea of what to expect and what hotel will suit your needs ~ Jessica Newman, Jax Ahmed

Use skyscanner.net to check cheapest flights and book accommodation – much cheaper! ~ Marina Frowholiday tips

Find the best price online, then go to the travel agents to see if they can better it ~ Dennis Tebbs

If you’re not specific about where you want to go, book the time off work but not the holiday. Then the week before look for last minute deals – I got 2 weeks all inclusive to Egypt for £450 ~ Monika Suchonska

The Sun £9.50 holidays are a bargain to get a base for day trips out ~ Larissa Wynn

Try and book somewhere with a washing machine to save suitcase space and time when you come home ~ Gill Mitchell

Use cashback sites for the best deals and money back ~ Vivienne Wilkes

Check local freebie papers which have offers or free child spaces. If you’re a member of the armed forces check what attractions in the area give you money off. Also make sure ALL phones are fully charged for the journey ~ Suzy Simpson


An alternative to buying miniatures (deordorant, face cream etc), I save things that are very nearly empty so they can be thrown away at the end of the holiday – cheaper and then lots of room for souveniers! ~ Cat Marriott

Pack each days outfit separately ~ Jane Williams

Don’t worry too much about what you’ve forgotten, just remember PMT – Passport, Money, Ticket – everything else can be purchased when you’re there ~ Ellen Emery, Sophie Mackintosh

If travelling with young babies, take a large lunchbox to store bottles, spoons, dummies etc – it can also double as a cold water steriliser ~ Tobys Proud Mummy

Invest in a portable DVD player. It can be used for the car, plane, hotel, caravan etc ~ Gillian Seath

Roll your clothes – saves space in a suitcase and causes less creases ~ SusanEmily Jones, Michelle Ba Bamber, Eva Trefla, Trish Ashbridge

Spead out everyones belongings into each case, that way, if you lose a case, you will still have things to wear ~ Liz Denial, Tracey Redfern-Jones, Alison Macey

Always have spare undies in your hand luggage just in case your bags go elsewhere! ~ Jane Ritchie

Use a plastic storage bag then suck the air out using the vacuum – it gives you lots of space ~ Linda Watson, Leigh Marea Edwardsholiday tips

Save sample sizes of toiletries to reduce weight and bulk ~ Madelaine McLaughlin

Don’t pack too much stuff, half the stuff you take you don’t wear ~ Julie Andrews, Felicity Smith, Greig Spencer

Keep copies of your passports in a separate bag ~ Zoe Dennett

Make a list and pack accordingly – if you can ask someone to look after the kids while you pack it will mean no interfering fingers to take out stuff! ~ Kate Cunningham

Always write your name and address on the inside of your suitcase, then if the airline loses it, you won’t see it for sale in their auctions because when opened, they’ll see who it belongs to ~ Dee Blythe

Pack 5 days beforehand so on the day you just need handluggage and passports – no stress then! ~ Susan Jane Gray

Scan important documents and email them to yourself. If the worst should happen when you’re away, all your need to do it open your email ~ Julie Kenny

Keep a separate bag full stickers/puzzles/games/snacks etc on the plane to pull out when kids need entertaining ~ Cerys Parker-Williams, Jo Maggs, Julie Leia Henderson, Maxine M Partridge, Sandralynn Ralph

When packing, write a list of what you’ve packed in each case and attach just inside so you can easilyl find things you’re looking for – great if you need to find something in a hurry ~ Carrie Yaviz

At the beach

When you’re on a beach, keep your purse/watch rolled up in a clean nappy. Nobody will want to steal what looks like a dirty nappy! ~ Catherine McAlindenholiday tips

Buy and take inflatables from Poundland. It doesn’t upset you throwing them away on the last day of the holiday when you haven’t paid a fortune for them! ~ Samantha Joanne

Make friends as soon as you’re there, the ones that look well tanned – chances are they’ll have nearly finished their holiday and will give you all their inflatables ~ Hollie Louise

Staying safe and healthy

Never handle foreign notes and then put your fingers in your mouth – it’s the biggest cause of tummy upsets overseas ~ Tobys Proud Mummy

Take imodium ~ Hannah Allard

Take diarrhoea medication with you and calpol for kids as trying to speak a second language with diarrhoea is no easy task ~ Misst Senior

Buy the high factor suncream for children instead of adults, much cheaper and better for sensitive skin ~ Melanie Addison ‘van Eeden’




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