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The best time saving tips from YOU!

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As busy working parents, if you can find ways to save a few minutes here and there to make life easier, you will! So we thought we’d ask the experts, all you parents, what your time saving tips were and we had an amazing response, picking up some great idea’s ourselves!

If you missed the recent Facebook competition, then we’ve compiled a list of all the best time saving tips from you – go on give them a try!


“I have a notepad stuck to the fridge. If you take the last of an item or notice it’slow, write it down – Instant time saving shopping list!” ~ Catherine McAlinden

“Do grocery shopping online, it saves me hours and £££££’s. If you go over budget you can remove the least needed items and the delivery charge is cancelled out by the petrol you would use travelling to the store.” ~ Tracy Wehrle Scutt

Food and meals

“Slow cooker meals – bung it in, go to work, come home – bish bash all done and not much washing up!” ~ Jacqueline Jax Robertstime saving tips

“Make all the sandwhiches for packed lunched up on Sunday evening. Pop them in the freezer and just pull out each morning. Saves no end of time!” ~ Heather Langdale

“Plan your meals for the week – write them on a white board, use up leftovers, make a list of everything you will need. It will save time on the shopping, preparing and making the meals.” ~ Katherine Sara Grieve

“Bulk cook and freeze – saves time, money and you’ve got home-cooked healthy meals ready to ping in the microwave!” ~ Claire Bbdiva Butler

“Plan a weeks menu at a time, then everyone knows what they are having and there’s no umming and arrring.” ~ Abigail Edkins

“Eat a banana for breakfast – a healthy one of your 5-a-day and eaten on the go” ~ Chirag Patel

“I usually cook 2 things at once on a night time and either freeze one or use it the next day. Then you get a night off!” ~ Claire Bear Oliver

Our kids

“I sign my kids reading book for the whole week – it only goes back on Monday’s so saves me a minute each night!” ~ Gemma Hendrie

“If you’re in a rush in the morning with the kids, give them a healthy breakfast bar on the way up to school” ~ Laura Jayne Bates

“I do my boys reading homework with him whilst he’s in the bath! I sit holding the book so it doesn’t get wet and usually quickly tidy or clean the bathroom or wash my hair while I’m in there. As the bathroom is downstairs next to my kitchen, I often wash up and do the kitchen whilst he’s in there too!” ~ Sandy Brophytime saving tips

“Get the kiddies to help out, just one chore each really helps and saves a lot of time which can then be spent together.” ~ Chick Taylor

“My son has a bath while I get ready for work and we make a game of when will I pop my head in the door and get squirted with water. I can get ready extra quick and he thinks it’s the best game ever” ~ Leah Northman Thompson

“Teach your kids to help and do things…two or even three pairs of hands are better than one – the more they can do, the more you save time.” ~ One Plus – Single Parent Holiday’s

“My daughter goes to swimming after registration at school – I get her to put her swimming costume on when she gets dressed and pack her knickers in her bag – saves loads of time at the pool!” ~ Beverly Davies

“Make sure your children hang uniforms in their bedroom on a hanger and sort books out for the following day after doing homework.” ~ Kim Styles

In the home

“Clean the bathroom whilst the kids are having a bath and buy clothes that don’t need ironing!” ~ Faye Brown

“Write lists for everything so nothing is forgotten when going on holiday, doing the weekly shop or what needs fixing in the house” ~ Andrea Newman

“I have 3 children and 2 adults all doing 10 minutes whoosh around the house cleaning before being allowed to watch telly. 1 hours worth of cleaning in 10 minutes!” ~ Ruth Saunders

“Yahoo calender is great for keeping up with appointmens and sending you reminders via email to keep you on time and not forgetting important things to do.” ~ Valerie L McCarthy

“Don’t fill a kettle up to the top if you’re only making one cup of coffee – saves time and electricty!” ~ Rosalind Sargent

“We have a ‘launchpad’ where everything is put for the next day, school bags, packed lunches, coats, shoes etc so everyone knows where everything is.” ~ Laura Olivia Tonks

“Be organised – designate days for housework, shopping etc. Try not to rush around as that’s when the sneaky elves come out and hide your keys, purse and mobile as you head out the door! Always make time for friends, family and chocolate and never turn down a hug!” ~ Rebecca Fletcher

“Choose a spot! Instead of putting your everyday items down wherever you are when you come in, select a spot and turn it into a habit! Trust me, this saves loads of time!” ~ Janet Palmertime saving tips

“My 3 have a wash basket each and every Wednesday and Sunday they bring them down. I line them up on the kitchen counter, then when washed, put the first load on radiators, second in the drier, then the kids take clean, dry, folded clothes back to their rooms and put them away. I also freeze past for lunches if we run out of bread” ~ Vanessa Heelis

“Iron a weeks worth of clothes / uniform on a Saturday” ~ Kathryn Phillips

“Showers / baths the night before are a massive time saver!” ~ Amy Tidd

“Have all your utilities on one bill – saves time and money” ~ Susie Moore

And the one that so many of you all agree with…

“Prepare the night before!! Get clothes, uniforms, lunches and bags ready the night before and save time rushing around the next day!” ~ Kay Nolan, Caroline Robinson, Chirag Patel, Nicola Holland, Kerry Shaw, Clare F Wood, Tracy K Nixon



3 Responses to “The best time saving tips from YOU!”

  1. Jayne

    Love the launch pad idea! Brilliant tips, so many aren’t even obvious. I will be printing this page out to show hubby too, doubt the kids will take note but certainly worth a try when there aren’t enough hours in the day! Thank you

  2. Stacy

    Freeze sandwiches on Sunday for whole week??!! Love the idea but can it really work????


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