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Biggest UK Online Retailers

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The UK are big shoppers, we know what we like and we know which online retailers we can trust. Who are the biggest UK online retailers?


Being one of the earliest retailers Tesco has the experience to move forward in a business that is growing by 20% annually, still holding 31.1% of the market against it’s rivals. Tesco offers many deals to support making shopping easier including one hour delivery slots, cheaper delivery slots at non-peak times and the option to collect your online groceries from store at special “click and collect” booths. They are now experimenting with in store scan and order areas that give the customer the chance to scan barcodes on a display in store and pay to have it delivered or collect at a later time.


Tesco’s big rivals offer many of the same but are moving forwards in leaps and bounds with click and collect which many consumer are saying takes the pressure off of staying in to wait for deliveries as they can now collect at a time to suit them without making a special journey. Asda are regarded as the choice retailer for high quality and this is reflected in their home shopping business. Asda drivers will only deliver to your door and not bring it to your kitchen as the other retailers will do.


As with their main rivals above they pick the shopping from in store and distribute it directly from the shop warehouse. They offer many of the same options as Tesco and Asda including hour delivery slots which are generally considered to be the clincher of whether an online retailer works. Sainsburys are considered to offer poor quality and poor selection in their online business.


Ocado set the business model for online grocery shopping but as yet they are struggling to compete with the bigger companies who have market brand power and the ability to flood advertising. Where Ocado wins is they are often chosen by people who see the big three as evils in the world of retail and purposely don’t use them, they are also considered to be more customer friendly and have better quality.


Obviously Waitrose are the posh persons choice; they offer an air of distinction as a status symbol if you have a Waitrose van parked outside your house. They do, however, offer a very limited range and are considered to have the least helpful delivery assistants in the market. Waitrose struggle to rid itself of the impression that it is only for snobs and the super rich and that is why they struggle to gain a foot hold in the market.

Online retailers at the top

Overall, you will struggle to separate the big three when it comes to price, customer service and quality so it comes down to personal taste, and the last two are small market share holders who have regular customers but struggle to attract new consumers. As a parent you may find the click and collect service more desirable so expect to see Tesco making huge headway in this area, it’s also worth keeping in mind that Morrisons are looking to enter the online grocery market and they are considered to provide the very best quality fresh food out of all the retailers.

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