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Boost your self esteem


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As wonderful as being a parent is, the demands of a busy life soon catch up with us both physically and mentally. If babies have taken their toll on your body and your skin has lost its youthful glow after years of worry and sleep deprivation, it could be that your self esteem is starting to take a knock. Add to this the cold dark nights and you may be about ready to go into hibernation.

But before diving under the duvet…

There are some things you can do to boost your self esteem and put the spring back into your step even as the winter reaches its darkest depths.

  • Own your positive qualities and best attributes. Make a list of everything you’re good at including your skills, experiences, talents and anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Add things that others have complimented you on. Keep this list close at hand and remind yourself of what’s on it whenever you’re feeling particularly low.
  • Accept that you’re not perfect – and recognise that no-one else is either. Try to see any shortcomings you have as merely a small part of one overall desirable package.
  • Remind yourself of how strong and capable you are by reflecting on all the problems you have faced and tackled in life. Even if you have sought help from others, this only shows ingenuity and the tenacity to get the advice and support needed to resolve a situation. If you are doubting your capability then now’s the perfect time to take on a new challenge just to prove to yourself that you can do it. Make sure you recognise your accomplishments, no matter how small.
  • Believe in yourself – which means recognising that sometimes your needs have to come first. If you want to do something, then go and do it. Realise that this may mean disappointing others and that this is okay sometimes.
  • Give yourself a mental pat on the back. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and pick out a few of your physical attributes that make you feel good. It may feel awkward at first, but look at your hair, eyes, lips, nails, style, clothes etc and give yourself credit where it’s due. You could also consider things on the inside as well, such as your compassion, energy or fun-loving nature. If you’re still struggling then ask someone else to name five things they like about you. Try it, you might be surprised! This is another sure-fire way to get your self esteem back on track.


boost your self esteem



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