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Budget friendly home and garden makeover tips

Budget friendly home and garden makeover tips

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Looking for ways to make your home feel fresh without breaking your bank balance? Try some of these simple, budget friendly home and garden makeover tips to give your home a new lease of life.

Rearrange your room

Simply reorganizing the things you have can make a room feel like a new place. Be creative about how you fit everything into your space, perhaps even moving furniture between rooms to create new looks.


Take a day or two to go through each room clearing out the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated but you no longer need. Try selling your unwanted items at a local car boot sale – the extra cash will come in useful to buy some paint or accessories for your newly de-cluttered home.

Add a splash of colour

Painting a room is a really quick and easy way to get a really fresh look for your home, especially if you have magnolia overload. You don’t even have to paint the whole room – try adding a feature wall or perhaps try painting certain parts (like beams or walls surrounding features such as fireplaces).

Refresh the finishing touches

If you don’t want to get into redecorating, why not try changing the cushions or curtains instead? A dull room can be brought to life remarkably quickly with the addition of some brightly coloured accessories.

Create the illusion of space with mirrors

Mirrors are great for making small spaces look bigger. Hallways, small bedrooms and bathrooms can take on a new dimension with the addition of a lovely big mirror.


Make use of old pots by painting them with bright colours and placing them around your patio or garden.

Give your kitchen a face lift

Budget friendly home and garden makeover tipsYou might not be able to stretch to the shiny new kitchen in the showroom but you could buy some new doors or even just door handles to give your kitchen a new look. Most DIY shops will stock a variety of handles that will fit most cupboards.

Hang some pictures

Picture frames don’t have to be expensive. There are many lovely looking frames available at very reasonable prices. You could even create a collage using smaller images. This is a great way to make the most of the smaller, cheaper frames whilst allowing you to showcase more of your favourite snaps. If you don’t fancy lots of portraits around the place, try taking some close ups to create stunning colourful images (fire, sunsets or flowers work well).

Clean up outside

Simple things like washing the gutters, front door and window frames can make you feel much better each time you come home. Get out the pressure washer (these can be hired rather than bought) and give everything a good wash.

Give your patio a makeover

Jet-washing your patio can really give it a new lease of life as you will probably find it comes up several shades lighter than you have seen it recently. Be careful though – using a pressure washer on the grouting could damage the cement between the slabs so avoid directing the water between them too much.

Get some new storage

Organizing your clutter will really help to de-stress and cheer up your home. Invest in some simple shelves or units to give your precious bits and bobs a forever home. You could try using hooks or wooden boxes on the walls to give you quirky ways to display your smaller treasures.


Bring old furniture back to life with a bit of tender loving care. Try painting old chests of drawers or tables to give them new identities. You could try adding a stencil or other decorations to add a splash of creativeness to your old things.

Make use of leftovers and samples

Try creating a collage wall of off cuts from old wallpaper or samples. Also, use tester pots to avoid spending out on large tins of paint when you only want to use a little bit.

Get creative with planting in your garden

Try planting in wooden crates or buckets. Disposable coffee cups or chipped mugs can make interesting small planting pots for you windowsill if you have limited outside space. If you are on a really tight budget, try growing plants from seed or cuttings from friends and neighbours. These take a little more time and effort but come in at little or no cost.



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