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Building body confidence

building body confidence

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With advertisers busy airbrushing everything in sight, it can be easy to imagine that your own body falls short of some perceived level of perfection that exists in the world. Building body confidence is tough but achievable. Summer does nothing to help this, with endless opportunities for stripping-off and rediscovering a few bumpy bits that have been hibernating under your clothes all winter.  Body confidence is about learning to love yourself in all your “imperfect” glory.  Here is a little advice to help boost your body image, and strengthen your self-esteem along the way:

Think Positive

Pick out those parts of your body that you do like.  If you struggle with this, ask friends what they think your best features are.  It may be the colour of your eyes, your enviable long legs, or the shape of your face.  Whatever you find to like, make an effort to notice it and appreciate it every time you look in the mirror.  Retrain your brain to see the good in yourself.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

The real you is defined by far more than just how you look.  Many of the most engaging, and charismatic people in the world are attractive through their personalities, not their physical looks.  Focus on the beauty in your personality, your kindness, empathy and sense of humour.  All of these traits radiate from you and attract others in a way that is irrelevant to your physical appearance.  In many ways they are far more important than how you look.

Focus on the Here and Now

Constantly looking wistfully at photos of yourself in younger years is pointless and damaging to your self esteem.  Try to remember that you probably didn’t value yourself then in the way that you do retrospectively, and use that recognition to value yourself in the here and now.  Your body changes as you age.  Rejoice in it at every stage, because you will never revisit this time again.

Get Physical

People who are actively involved in sports activities tend to have a higher self-esteem.  This is in part because they have learnt to view their bodies in a functional way, and not in terms of how they look.  Getting physical will release endorphins to boost your mood naturally, and help you to see your body through new eyes.

Get Inside Yourself

Those who have a healthy level of self-esteem generally view themselves as the sum of many parts.  Some physical, and some related to your personality, or your skill base, for example. building body confidence Think about all your strengths, and celebrate them.  Maybe you have a knack for making others laugh, or you can play the harmonica really well.  Perhaps you are the friend who everyone turns to because you are a good listener, or you have a hidden talent for baking cup cakes.

Life is Not a Contest

You are not in competition with everyone else.  The advertising and beauty world would have us believe that attaining a certain physical appearance will bring us a perfect lifestyle.  In reality life is never perfect, and even the supposed “beautiful” people are not always happy.  Focus on your own life, and learn to love the skin you are in.  Let others compare if they want.

Change your Definition of Beauty

Stop buying-in to the media’s projections of beauty.  Pamper yourself because you deserve it, not because you want to look a certain way.  Feeling good inside will naturally enhance your appearance with a happy glow and a confident demeanour.  Loving yourself makes you instantly more attractive to others.  Allow yourself to shine in the way you want to shine, and don’t get dragged down by false definitions of beauty that are designed only to sell products and make money for companies who couldn’t really care less about you.

Following this advice should set you on the road to a happier life that is unencumbered by ideas of beauty that are thrust upon you by others.  Getting started can be the hardest part.  Even if you honestly feel that there is nothing good to focus on, dig deep – most of us can find one thing, no matter how small, that we are proud of about ourselves.  It can be physical, or something about your personality.  Find that starting point, and nurture it every day.  As your self-esteem grows, you’ll learn to find other parts of you to value, and before you know it your body confidence will have developed as well, to a point where you have learned to love yourself.



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