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Can I have a pony?

can i have a pony

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Can I Have a Pony? Please…..

Is it not every little girls dream to have a pony? Well maybe not every girl, but many girls and boys who have a passion for ponies will undoubtedly ask this question at some point,”can i have a pony?” As parents we want to be able to give our children the best and make them happy, but buying a pony isn’t quite the same as having a pet hamster. Apart from the expense of owning a pony, they require much more time and commitment that most pets, so shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly.

Have the knowledge

You should have a good basic knowledge of how to care for a pony. Your child might be used to having riding lessons and jumping on a tacked up pony every week, but caring for one on a daily basis is different and you may end up taking on this responsibility yourself, up to 2 hours per day. Do you have the land to keep a pony? Do you have stables or want your horse to live out ‘at grass’ all year round? Do you have a livery yard near by or can you make arrangements for someone to care for your pony if you are away? Can you realistically afford a horse or pony, their upkeep, riding lessons, vet bills and farrier costs? If you take all of this into consideration and are sure you can afford and commit to a pony then the next step would be to look into what pony would be suitable for your child.

If your child already has riding lessons, it might be worth chatting to their instructor about what kind of pony would be suitable. You shouldn’t fall into the trap of getting one that is too advanced for your child in the hope they will develop their level of experience to match. This can be both damaging to rider and pony. If you are planning to keep your pony outside all year long, you should consider getting a hardy breed that can cope with UK weather conditions and the cost of a pony will depend on factors such as the age, training, breed and success at competitions.  Prices range immensely from just a few hundred pound up to hundreds of thousands of pounds for professional competition horses! You will have to view any pony you consider buying so factor in travel costs. It is also advisable to have a vet check over your prospective new pony to ensure they don’t have any underlying medical conditions that could affect the pony and they are healthy and fit for purpose.

Transporting your pony

Once you have chosen a pony that is suitable, you will need to transport it. If you know someone with a horse box or trailer you could ask for assistance, otherwise you would need to pay a professional transport company. If you’re child is planning on competing at different locations, you will also need to consider how you will get the pony to and from events and so might need to invest in your own horse box or trailer. When purchasing a pony, you may be able to buy the tack from the previous owners but bear in mind that any pony will need a good quality saddle and bridle which can set you back around £500. They will also require a head collar, lead rope and grooming kit as minimum essentials and you might want to invest in outdoor rugs if they are to be outside during cold weather. These additional items will add another £250 and with the limitless amount of extra’s you can get, be prepared to dig deep for other pony paraphernalia!

transporting your horse safely

Know the costs

Now you have your pony and equipment, the day to day cost of keeping a pony will depend on several factors. Having your own land cuts cost considerably and ponies out ‘at grass’ will only require hay in the winter. You may rent land to keep your pony on or use a local livery yard where ponies can either be stabled or kept in paddocks and they usually have tack rooms, ménages and paddocks to make use of. Livery costs vary depending what level of care you require. Basic livery is around £25 per week but if you require feed, stabling, mucking out and exercise, those costs soon mount up. Full livery can cost up to £500 a month depending on your area and requirements.

If you are planning on taking your pony on any roads, it is essential they are shod to protect their feet from the hard surface. As their hoofs grow continually, they will need new shoes fitting every 5-6 week, adding to the cost. Vets fee’s should never be overlooked either, from regular worming to treatment for injury, fee’s can run into the thousands so look into horse insurance or be sure you can afford treatment if required.

can i have a pony

Owning a pony can be a magical experience and your child can develop a bond with them that will last for years. It can teach them trust and responsibility so if you’re in the position to commit to a pony, it’s a special gift that can make memories to last a lifetime.




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