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Cant afford Christmas presents


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This time of year is a particularly stressful time for those who want to treat their friends, family and loved ones to thoughtful Christmas presents, but bringing a smile to the faces of your nearest and dearest may be simpler than you think.

Change the way you view Christmas

Yes, the majority of people buy gifts for each other, but true friends and compassionate family members will understand if you cannot afford to give presents this year. Remember, despite the huge build up to Christmas, it is only one day of the year and it is certainly not worth getting into debt to purchase gifts.


If you simply must get presents, think about restricting it to younger members of the family as adults will certainly be more understanding than children!

The Season of giving

Do not be afraid to approach your local churches or charities as they are very aware of the difficulties faced by families at this time of year and many provide at least one present per child.

cant afford presents

What are friends for?

Be honest with friends and explain your situation. Ask if they have any toys or books their children no longer use which can then be given to your own family.

Second-Hand Shops

Many people simply throw unwanted presents in with the old clothes and brick-a-brac destined for charity shops, making your local second-hand store a potential goldmine at Christmas. If possible, visit charity shops in affluent areas and you may be fortunate enough to discover something special at a bargain price.


When your receive something delightful but perhaps not to your taste, consider giving it to someone who will appreciate it. Just make sure you make a note of who gave it to you first so you don’t make the terrible mistake of giving it back to them or somebody they know!

Remember the true meaning of Christmas

Even if you are not a Christian, nor remotely religious, Christmas should still be a time of giving, not materialism. We may be bombarded months before the big day with adverts telling us we must buy the latest gadgets, the biggest box of chocolates and the perfect perfume for our loved ones, but this is simply not true. Memorable moments are created by thoughtfulness and happy times so remember this when you feel obliged to spend what you cannot afford this Christmas.

Do it Your way

Unfortunately, keeping up with the Joneses remains a very relevant idiom, but take control and celebrate Christmas in your own individual style. Teaching children early of the trappings of overt consumerism may not be a very jolly prospect, but introducing other joyous traditions during the festive season can be. Remember all the other aspects of Christmas including, singing, dancing, being kind and thoughtful, celebrating with friends and family, and make these the focus of the season.

Understandably, if this is the first year you can’t afford presents you may be feeling extremely stressed and depressed, but presents come in many forms, with love being the greatest and most memorable gift of all.





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